Isn't it ironic?

While today’s focus is rightly on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s restrictive voting laws, there’s another Arizona story we want to make sure you didn’t miss. This one has to do with the disastrous Arizona GOP-sponsored vote audit. (You know, the one that’s wildly unpopular with Arizona voters and even Arizona GOP officials, the one that has failed to uncover any evidence suggesting voter fraud, and the one that has been called a “partisan and amateurish endeavor that 'should not be trusted” by election review experts. That one.)

The Washington Post reports on another stunning example of how Republicans’ attempts to overturn the 2020 election are impacting everyday Americans: at a potential taxpayer cost of millions, Maricopa County will have to replace the voting equipment turned over for the review over widespread concerns that the contractors hired by the Republican State Senate have compromised the security of the voting machines. You read that right, an election review ostensibly in the name of election security actually made election infrastructure in Arizona less secure. Alanis Morrisette couldn’t have written it better.

Washington Post: Arizona’s Maricopa County will replace voting equipment, fearful that GOP-backed election review has compromised security

“Arizona’s Maricopa County announced Monday that it will replace voting equipment that was turned over to a private contractor for a Republican-commissioned review of the 2020 presidential election, concerned that the process compromised the security of the machines.”
The announcement probably reflects an added cost to taxpayers for a controversial review that has been embraced by supporters of former president Donald Trump, who has falsely claimed that the 2020 election was rigged in Arizona and other battlegrounds that he lost.”

“Among the most vocal critics has been the Republican-led leadership of Maricopa County. In May, all seven of the county’s elected officials — including five Republicans — joined in a scathing letter to the state Senate denouncing the audit as a sham.”

”Allegations of fraud or irregularities in Arizona’s vote were rejected last year by state and federal judges. Maricopa’s results were confirmed through a number of reviews, including a hand recount of a sample of ballots conducted jointly by both political parties, as well as a forensic audit conducted by federally accredited labs that was ordered by the county and concluded in February.”