It’s Time to Play the Blame Game!

Fiscal Responsibility

Good afternoon, and welcome to “The Blame Game.” Let's meet our contestants:

John Boehner: Downgrade Of U.S. Credit Rating “Beyond My Control”

Boehner Spokesperson: “If we pass this today, we will have sent not one, but two bills to the Senate that would end this crisis.”

While we all know that we never get anywhere in this world until we place blame [said the Dem Whip press shop, riddled with sarcasm], Republicans are getting a jump-start on whose “fault” a default would be. Bottom line: Republicans have had months and months, opportunity after opportunity to work with the President and Democrats on a plan to end this economic uncertainty, and it’s long past time for Republicans to work with Democrats on a long-term, balanced compromise to pay America’s bills and reduce the deficit.