Let's just clear this one up

In case there was *ANY* question as to who wants to reopen the government and who wants to hold the government hostage, look no further: Republicans, including Vice President Mike Pence, are actively whipping against legislation to reopen the government.  There were 7 House Republicans who voted with House Democrats to reopen government last week – despite efforts by the White House to whip against it. As we bring additional bills reopening government to the Floor this week, Republicans will have to decide if they want taxpayers to get their refunds, children to receive their nutrition assistance, families to stay in their homes, and Americans to safely enjoy their national parks. It will be very clear who is for opening up the government and who wants to continue this Trump shutdown. From Politico:
“Pence and Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen will come to the Capitol on Wednesday to try and rally House Republicans to stick with the president before the House votes on Democratic spending bills designed to reopen portions of the government, according to multiple Republican sources.”