Press Release ● Congress
For Immediate Release: 
July 1, 2022
Contact Info: 
Raymond Rodriguez 202-225-3130
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the second major version of his Member-recognition app, Dome Directory. This app helps Members of Congress, staff, the press, and the public learn about Members of Congress and their roles in Congress. A system of badges shows committee assignments, major caucus memberships, leadership and whip team memberships, and freshman and sophomore classes. The new version of the app, which now also includes biographies and defining key votes of the current Congress for every Member, is available now for free on iOSAndroid, and the web.
“Today, I’m proud to announce a major update to my app that I know is a useful tool for many Members and staff, as well as the press and the public,” stated Leader Hoyer. “Utilizing technology like my Dome Watch and Dome Directory apps is part of House Democrats' commitment to making Congress more modern, open, and transparent to the American people.”

The app is designed and built in-house by the Majority Leader’s Office. The new 2.0 version was developed with extensive feedback from frequent users of the app, including Members, staff, Capitol Police, press, and the public. 
The app allows users to select a "deck" of Members based on chamber, party, committee, major caucus, or freshman or sophomore class. Within each deck, users can click green or red as they memorize Members, with red clicks coming back through the deck. The app also contains a set of badges to showcase Members' various roles within Congress, including membership and leadership roles in committees and major Caucuses. 
New features in Dome Directory 2.0 include: 
  • Added new data to each Member card to make the app more of a Directory and not just a memorization tool, including:
    • detailed contact information,
    • biographies from three different sources including Member websites, the Library of Congress, and Wikipedia, 
    • defining votes from the 117th Congress.
  • The ability to search for any specific Member in order to find/study them immediately, instead of having to find them by cycling through a deck. 
  • New decks for users to quiz themselves within specific committees, major caucuses, and the sophomore class. 
  • The bipartisan "Problem Solvers" as a major caucus. 
  • Major updates to the app's underlying data utilizing the latest official and non-official Congressional bulk data repositories, which have been improved as a result of direct use and feedback from the Majority Leader's Office.
Download Dome Directory 2.0 is available now for free on iOSAndroid, and the web. Dome Directory is the second app from the House Majority Leader's Office. Dome Watch, originally launched in 2015, allows users to closely follow the House Floor in real-time. Dome Watch is also available for free on iOSAndroid, or the web.