Mitch McConnell says the quiet part out loud.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is saying the quiet part out loud again:

“McConnell warned Republicans at a closed-door meeting on Tuesday that regardless of tweaks to the bill that approving the commission could hurt the party’s midterm election message, according to attendees. He left that room and promptly told reporters that while Democrats want to talk about Trump, voters who'll determine control of Congress next fall ‘ought to focus on what this administration is doing to the country.’” [Politico, 5/26/21]

As a reminder, Republicans have been twisting themselves in knots over the past week, trying to justify turning against a Commission that a number of them called for in the days after 1/6. Of course, there is no justification. Instead of wanting to investigate an actual **coup attempt** to **overthrow our democracy** Republicans are more worried about the impact an investigation could have on the midterm election. Here’s a recap:

“A months-long commission, which Republicans fear would stretch past its year-end deadline, would keep Jan. 6 in the spotlight as the midterms draw near. GOP lawmakers are warning that it would risk keeping them off message when much of the party is eager to talk about almost anything besides the deadly attack… McConnell has been eager to move past the attack on the Capitol.” [The Hill, 5/20/21]

“Senior Republicans are making clear they have little interest in moving forward with a sweeping January 6 investigation in part because a detailed probe could become politically damaging and amount to a distraction for their party just as control of Congress is at stake in next year's midterm elections... It's clear that any such an investigation would also look at then-President Donald Trump's role in promoting the January 6 ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, his lies that the election was stolen and his efforts to subvert the will of voters. Moreover, it could put an uncomfortable focus on some conservative GOP senators and House members who sought to overturn the election results in Congress, while keeping the issue front-and-center as the investigation plays out over the next year.” [CNN, 5/19/21]

“Testimony about Trump’s actions that day could be politically problematic for Republicans if it showed Trump ignored requests for help or had a callous or indifferent attitude toward the violence at the Capitol. The former president remains the dominant figure in the party and GOP leaders, who are wary of crossing him, have said they want him involved in the midterm elections as Republicans seek to win the majority in both the House and Senate.” [The Washington Post, 5/20/21]

Politics over truth is the Republican mantra these days.