Morning Round-up: "Getting Their Asses Kicked" Edition

How’s the GOP Whip effort on the two anti-immigrant bills coming to the Floor today? Judging by these headlines, not well. But that comes as no surprise when these bills were simply a partisan effort to derail a bipartisan process to take meaningful action to address the DACA crisis.

Roll Call: GOP Chaos, Confusion Ahead of Thursday Immigration Votes
“Confusion and chaos ensued Wednesday as House Republican leaders conducted a haphazard whip effort on a compromise immigration bill they planned to bring to the floor the next day. The prospects for the bill passing were clearly poor.”

“The frenetic feel of the day was similar to March 23, 2017. House GOP leaders spent that day engulfed in conversations with members as they tried to whip support for their bill to partially repeal and replace the 2010 health care law in an effort to vote on the law’s anniversary. Fast forward a little more than a year, and they have set another artificial deadline for votes on dueling immigration bills Thursday.”

“GOP leaders appear unlikely to shore up enough votes on either immigration bill by vote time, but they showed no signs of planning to delay the votes until a bill can pass, as they did with health care.”

Politico: GOP immigration push set to flop in embarrassment for Trump
“House Republicans spent weeks crafting a ‘compromise’ immigration bill slated to hit the House floor Thursday — one that tracks with President Donald Trump’s call to beef up border security and shield Dreamers from deportation.”

But the only question going into the big vote is how badly it fails.”

“After laboring to strike a deal between moderate Republicans from swing districts and immigration hawks wary of being accused of supporting ‘amnesty,’ GOP leaders say they still don’t have the votes.”

“The expected failure of both measures is also a setback for Trump, who pitched himself to voters as the world’s greatest dealmaker. Not only does the exercise make the president look weak, the collapse of the bill will undercut his message of blaming Democrats for problems at the border. Republicans can’t get on the same page themselves.”

The Hill: Trump, GOP launch full-court press on compromise immigration measure
“A handful of on-the-fence Republicans — including Reps. Kristi Noem (S.D.), Frank Lucas (Okla.) and George Holding (N.C.) — were hauled to the White House on Wednesday so Trump could personally sell them on the immigration package.”

“‘Trump and Republicans are getting their asses kicked’ over this issue, one conservative GOP lawmaker told The Hill.”

The all-out whipping effort highlighted the urgency facing Republicans on Capitol Hill.”

“But it was clear Wednesday evening that Republican leaders were struggling to lock down the necessary 218 votes for the compromise bill. The package would halt the practice of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border, provide a path to citizenship for Dreamers and earmark $25 billion for Trump’s border wall and other security measures.”

Washington Post: Trump lashes out at Democrats as House Republicans struggle to unite behind immigration legislation
“As the House prepared to consider faltering immigration legislation crafted solely by Republicans, President Trump on Thursday lashed out anew at Democratic leaders in Congress, accusing them of being unwilling to negotiate a ‘real deal.’”