Morning Round-up: "Nightmare Scenario" Edition

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Two days ago, President Trump said he would “have [border wall funding] passed in two seconds” in the House. But a look at this morning’s headlines shows that House Republican leaders don’t actually have the votes:

The Hill: GOP struggles to win votes for Trump’s $5B wall demand
House Republicans are struggling to come up with a strategy to fulfill President Trump’s demand that the lower chamber pass a funding bill that includes $5 billion for his promised border wall…”

“It was still unclear late in the day whether Republicans would have enough votes to pass such a package on a party-line vote…”

Politico: GOP leaders still lack funding plan as shutdown looms
House GOP leaders couldn’t agree on a funding strategy — which involves billions of dollars for President Donald Trump’s border wall — in multiple rounds of talks Wednesday.”

“Meanwhile, GOP leaders have just nine days before one-quarter of the federal government shuts down, a scenario that Trump himself has been stoking on national television.”

Washington Post: Trump’s ultimatum on border wall boxes in fellow Republicans
“President Trump’s increasingly urgent push to construct a massive wall on the border with Mexico has created a nightmare scenario for congressional Republicans as they race to avert a partial shutdown of the federal government at the end of next week.”

“The disconnect reflects the divergent priorities of Trump and Republicans in Congress during the twilight of their two-year grip on the federal government. While Trump made the wall a signature issue in his 2016 campaign, congressional GOP leaders have displayed less enthusiasm for it.”

House GOP leaders claimed Wednesday to have the votes, but some questioned the wisdom of holding a vote that would face certain rejection in the Senate. And the risky proposition would come in the waning days of a lame-duck session, when it could be difficult to corral scores of defeated and retiring House Republicans who have been showing up only intermittently to vote.”