Morning Roundup "Ball in Mitch McConnell's Court" Edition

House Democrats passed Senate Republican legislation last night to reopen government – and it’s on Senator McConnell to take it up and pass it now. A look at the headlines shows the pressure is on the Senate GOP to take action now – which really shouldn’t be hard because they’ve passed these bills before!

NBC News: The shutdown ball is now in Mitch McConnell's court
“And now the action turns to the GOP-led Senate, as well as today’s 11:30 am ET meeting at the White House with President Trump and congressional leaders.”

“‘Two of these Republicans are already breaking ranks. ‘We should pass the bipartisan appropriations bills that includes money for border security while we continue to fight for more border security money. Congress needs to take further action on border security but that work should be done when the government is fully open,’ Gardner said in a statement, per NBC’s Frank Thorp.”

“[McConnell’s] stance is undercut by the fact that the GOP-led Senate ALREADY passed a short-term spending without funding for Trump’s wall — of course, that was before conservatives slammed the president for not getting his wall.”

New York Times: McConnell Faces Pressure From Republicans to Stop Avoiding Shutdown Fight
“Mr. McConnell for the first time is facing pressure from members of his own party to step in to resolve the stalemate that has left 800,000 federal workers either furloughed or working without pay.

“…On Thursday… the most vulnerable Republican, Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, broke ranks to become the first member of his party to call for an end to the shutdown — with or without Mr. Trump’s wall funding.”

“A second vulnerable Republican, Senator Susan Collins of Maine, one of the chamber’s most moderate members, said Thursday that she would support separating homeland security funding from the other bipartisan appropriations bills already approved in committee to reopen much of the government — as Democrats have proposed. But Mr. McConnell is refusing to take up the Democrats’ measures.”

“‘It would be great to have them signed into law because there is not great controversy over them, and at least we’d be getting those workers back to work,’ Ms. Collins said.”

Washington Post Op-ed: Does Mitch McConnell know he’s part of the first branch of government?
“Gosh, [McConnell] could vote on the very same bill that passed the Senate by voice vote and — just like that! — reopen the federal government. A self-respecting Senate majority previously would not declare his own impotence, nor turn over the job of legislating to the White House… You have to wonder why Republicans want the Senate majority if they are nothing more than supplicants to the president and bystanders in governance.”