Press Item ● Make It In America
For Immediate Release: 
June 15, 2016

On Monday, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) announced House Democrats' updated Make It In America plan. Using feedback from last year's "Make It In America: What's Next?" hearing series, the updated plan focuses on encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to start and keep companies here in the U.S. Baltimore also wrote on Whip Hoyer's announcement at The Foundery: 

"The Maryland Congressman said 17 [Make It In America] related bills were signed into law [since 2010], with many of the efforts geared toward addressing the country’s economic recession...Last year, the leaders realized they needed tech in the conversation, so they held hearings on the on-demand economy, IoT and crowdfunding."

"Hoyer discussed how elements of City Garage and Under Armour’s wider vision for Port Covington reflect the plan. The Foundery’s membership model and open classes are designed to be a place to bring new ideas to fruition."

The Capital Gazette covered Monday's announcement:

"As part of his "Make it in America" legislative effort, Rep. Steny Hoyer on Monday outlined his plans to revitalize the manufacturing industry in Baltimore." 

"Hoyer's plan...focused on advocacy for more education and workforce training, tax incentives for entrepreneurs and assistance for start-up companies."

The Daily Record also covered the launch: 

"Hoyer, in a speech on Monday during the ceremonial opening of The Foundery, a maker space in Baltimore’s Port Covington, portrayed the House Democrats’ 'Make it in America' plan as a bipartisan approach to encourage manufacturing and create more jobs in the United States."

"It aims to enact policies supporters say will encourage entrepreneurship, close the skills gap among American workers and break down barriers to manufacturing in the country."

The Baltimore Sun published an editorial praising the updated plan:

"The reality of U.S. manufacturing is, however, quite different: Job openings in the sector are at a 15-year high, and layoffs are down significantly. Manufacturing is, for lack of a better description, booming.That's why Rep. Steny Hoyer's call for a bipartisan approach to encourage further growth in U.S. manufacturing is right on point."

"Now is exactly the time for Congress to make an investment in future jobs." 

"Greater government investment in technical training programs to cultivate the next generation not only of scientists and engineers but entry-level shop workers in advanced manufacturing ought to be of the highest priority in Washington and in state capitals."

For more information on the Make It In America plan, click here for a fact sheet and here for background information on the plan over the past several years.