New Poll Alert: Americans aren't buying what House Republicans are selling.

As House Republicans roll out their extreme MAGA agenda today, we wanted to share some damning statistics from Navigator Research that make it clear: Americans do not support Republicans’ extremist policies. Like we shared yesterday, Republicans have made it clear what their ‘Commitment to America’ is: criminalizing women’s health care, slashing Social Security, and attacking our democracy. Navigator’s latest shows that the American people aren’t buying the lines Kevin McCarthy is selling.  
Navigator’s polling finds that 2 in 3 Americans identify a number of Republican priorities as concerning, with majorities labeling nearly every priority as very concerning:
  1. 69% of Americans find Republican efforts to ban abortion care concerning
  2. 78% of Americans find Republican efforts to cut Social Security concerning
  3. 68% of Americans find Republican efforts to overturn elections more easily concerning
That’s not all. 60% of Americans have “major concerns” with how Republicans in Congress are currently handling their jobs. By a net 9-point margin, most Americans think the Republican Party is focused on the wrong things. Considering Republicans have voted en masse against lowering costs, creating better-paying jobs for Americans, and building safer communities, we’re not surprised.
Leader Hoyer offered a strong argument in Pittsburgh this morning on how House Democrats are putting People Over Politics, and Americans are listening. Key takeaways from Navigator’s polling shows that “the Democratic Party is increasingly seen as focusing on the right things while Republicans are seen as more focused on the wrong things.”