New Poll Alert: Americans overwhelmingly support the Build Back Better Agenda

From the Majority Leader Press Shop:
The newest poll from Navigator shows that President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ Build Back Better agenda enjoys widespread support from the American public. In particular, Americans continue to support economic legislation to “provide paid family and medical leave, establish a universal Pre-K program, expand Medicare coverage for seniors to include dental, vision, and hearing coverage, lower health care costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, provide tax breaks for clean energy, and expand the Child Tax Credit for most families with children,” by a 42-point margin. Supporters of this plan include 93% of Democrats, 61% of Independents, and even 2 in 5 Republicans, with 39% of GOP voters (yes, you read that right) supporting the Build Back Better agenda.
The numbers speak for themselves:
View the full report here.
Today’s poll is the latest in a string that show the American public, even across partisan lines, supports House Democrats’ priorities of creating jobs, promoting economic opportunity, and ensuring that working families can Make It in America.