New Poll Alert: Americans reject partisan vote audits trying to overturn election

You’ve all seen poll after poll after poll show that the American people agree with House Democrats that voting should be made easier, not harder. So of course it’s *no surprise* that Senate Republicans blocked Floor consideration of the For the People Act yesterday, which would make it easier for Americans to participate in our democracy and have their voices heard. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

But there’s more bad news for Republicans: a new poll out today from Monmouth University shows that the American people ALSO don’t support Republicans’ efforts to continue the Big Lie with their audits of the 2020 Presidential election in states across the country. (Cue your regular reminder that election experts hailed the November vote-counting as “the most secure in American history.”)

Here's CNN with the highlights:

“A 57% majority of Americans say that, based on what they've heard about the audits conducted or proposed by legislatures in some states, they view them as ‘partisan efforts to undermine valid election results.’”

40% of the public says that such audits will weaken American democracy.

There are even some Republicans who oppose these audits, with 31% of Republicans saying the Republican-led efforts are “attempts to overturn valid results” – and for good reason:

“The problem-ridden audit of Arizona's 2020 election results, which has exasperated even some Republicans in the state, hasn't uncovered evidence suggesting widespread voter fraud.