New Poll Alert: *BIPARTISAN* support for infrastructure

Wanted to make sure you saw the latest poll that shows that 3 in 5 Republicans, yes you read that right, Republicans, are supportive of President Biden’s infrastructure agenda. According to a new poll from YahooNews/YouGov, 60% of Republicans support the compromise infrastructure plan between President Biden and a bipartisan group of Senators that would help rebuild roads, bridges, and other forms of infrastructure, while creating good-paying jobs for American workers.

(We’re sure this poll means Leader McCarthy will support a priority that more than half of Republicans are in favor of – or at least take credit for all the good it will do for his constituents.)

Yahoo News/YouGov’s poll is the latest in a string of polls showing bipartisan support for President Biden’s agenda of defeating COVID-19, making generational investments in our children, and creating good-paying jobs through repairing our national infrastructure. It’s clear that the President’s priorities are shared by the American public, and House Democrats will continue to work #ForThePeople with the White House to ensure all Americans have the tools they need to Make It In America.