New trends for spring!

Lots of people like to try on a new trend in spring – the weather is warming up, Brood X is on its way, and Republicans apparently like the provisions in the American Rescue Plan they voted against!

An MSNBC article today noted that even Leader McCarthy is touting benefits for small businesses offered by this law – even though he voted against it. He joins a number of Republican lawmakers who are facing criticism (ours included) for their blatant hypocrisy, as they have quickly pivoted from railing against the American Rescue Plan to publicly touting its benefits. From MSNBC:
More than a few congressional Republicans have celebrated parts of the Democrats' COVID relief package, despite 100% opposition from GOP lawmakers, and over the weekend, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) joined them. 

The Republican leader used his social media accounts to tout the Restaurant Revitalization Fund -- part of the Democrats' American Relief Plan -- and the fact that the Small Business Administration began accepting applications for the program yesterday.
As always, context is everything: Republicans condemned the American Relief Plan as a disaster. It's awfully difficult to see a congressional leader tell the public that legislation is socialist, and the first step toward turning the United States into Venezuela, and then see that same congressional leader effectively say, There are a few good parts, too.’” 

Indeed, Rep. Greg Pence (R-Ind.) published a tweet last week -- complete with siren emojis -- pointing to a provision of the American Relief Plan alongside text that read, Help is on the way.’” 

It was Kevin McCarthy who told Americans a couple of months ago, Help is not on the way.’”