Issue Report ● Coronavirus
For Immediate Release: 
August 24, 2020
Contact Info: 
Annaliese Davis 202-225-3130
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claims that Republicans will “Renew, Restore, Rebuild” America, just as they’ve “done before” under the Trump Administration. But the facts show that they haven’t renewed, restored, or rebuilt anything under Trump. After four years of the Trump Administration, our country is experiencing:  
  • A crisis that’s claimed over 170,000 American lives and infected over 5 million others. The Trump Administration began this crisis by calling it a “hoax” and engaged in a pattern of downplaying its severity.  
  • An economy tarnished by the fallout of this crisis; with a 10.2% unemployment rate and millions of Americans waiting to get back to work.  For the 22 straight weeks, Americans filed more unemployment claims than during the Great Recession.  
  • 108 million renters who are bracing for a widespread eviction crisis, as families around the country struggle to continue paying rent during this pandemic.  
  • Schools that are bullied by the White House to reopen while not being given a clear plan to follow to ensure the safety of our children, their families, teachers, or staff.  
  • A President who abandons our essential workers – police, firefighters, medical personnel and more - who face layoffs because he is refusing to provide state and local governments with the urgent funding they need to defeat this virus and keep people on the job.  
  • An Administration that attacks our democracy by waging a partisan campaign to sabotage our nation’s Postal Service and disenfranchise millions of voters ahead of November’s presidential election.  
The American people will not be fooled.  

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