Psst...House Republicans have been saying their Commitment to America for months with their voting record.

Quick reminder from your friends at the Majority Leader Press Shop that Republicans have made their commitment to America clear for months now.
  • Criminalizing Women’s Health Care: House Republicans have repeatedly voted against the rights of millions of Americans to make their own health care decisions. 97% of their Conference voted against legislation that protected the Constitutional right to travel, instead supporting state governments in arresting or suing women who traveled to receive reproductive health care. 92% of their Conference voted against codifying the right to contraception. All but one House Republican voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would restore Constitutional rights and access to health care supported by a majority of Americans by codifying Roe.
  • Ending Social Security: Republicans have openly called for slashing Social Security and Medicare that seniors rely on for economic security and access to quality, affordable health care. As part of the 2023 Republican Study Committee budget, nearly 74% of the House Republican Conference endorsed cutting these essential programs, which would drastically raise out-of-pocket costs for America’s seniors. This sentiment is not only found on our side of the Capitol – multiple Republican Senators have called for shrinking Social Security and Medicare, including NRSC Chairman Rick Scott and senior Republican Senator Ron Johnson.
  • Attacking our Democracy: Just yesterday, 96% of House Republicans voted against bipartisan legislation to protect our democracy by ensuring Congress counts presidential votes as required by the Constitution, taking an extreme MAGA stance that would allow rogue state legislatures to overturn elections. Their agenda would suppress electoral participation and make America’s electoral system more susceptible to partisan meddling.
Don’t be fooled by consultant-tested and carefully picked words. With today’s policy rollout, House Republicans are telling Americans: you’re on your own.