Questions for Reporters: Speaker Ryan's Millenial Town Hall

House GOP Budget

As our friends in the press get ready to cover Speaker Ryan’s town hall with millennials at Georgetown University this afternoon, your ever-helpful Whip press shop has put together a few questions you could ask the Speaker:

  1. Why would young people be drawn to conservatism when all they see is a Republican conference that can’t keep government open, pass a budget, or do anything else for the American people?
  2. If you can’t unify your conference around their own budget, how do you intend to unify them around this five-point agenda?
  3. After failing to pass a budget, address the debt crisis in Puerto Rico, or provide resources to respond to health emergencies like Zika, can you name one thing House Republicans have done to restore a #ConfidentAmerica?  
  4. If you’re focused on promoting opportunity for young people, why have Republicans repeatedly failed to act on issues that matter most to young people, like college affordability?
  5. Will the five point agenda include specifics? For example, when you mention “patient-centered health care,” does that mean we’ll finally (after 60+ attempts to repeal the ACA) see a replacement bill?

We look forward to his response.