Questions for Republicans ahead of today's hearing...

GOP Tax Law
As Republicans leave their weekly conference meeting and gear up for their very first hearing on H.R. 1, we here in the ever-helpful Dem Whip press shop put together a few questions for GOP leaders:
  1. Will you address the layoffs of thousands of workers over the last six months since the bill was signed into law?
  2. How will any one-time bonuses, which went to only 2% of workers, offset the rising costs of health care, gas, and food?
  3. Will you discuss the record $1 trillion in buybacks and dividends that companies are returning to investors instead of increasing wages and hiring workers?
  4. Will you address the deficit impact, which economists say “paints a picture of a country that has lost control of its finances?”
  5. Given how deeply unpopular the law is, how do you expect this hearing will improve its standing with the American people?