Questions for Republicans heading into today's W&M hearing...

GOP Tax Law
As today’s Ways and Means subcommittee hearing gets underway on the GOP tax scam’s impact on small businesses, we here at the ever-helpful Dem Whip Press Shop put together some questions for our colleagues across the aisle:
  1. Will you address concerns from small business owners that the law is a giveaway to the biggest corporations?
  2. What will you tell small business owners who can’t afford the same accountants and lawyers as large corporations to figure out the tax code?
  3. What do you have to say about a recent report highlighting how Harley-Davidson – one of the companies touted by Speaker Ryan as a prime of example of how the law was going to create jobs – took its windfall from the tax law, closed a factory in the U.S., rewarded investors, and sent jobs overseas?
  4. What do you make of reports that rising gas prices are canceling out any benefits of the tax scam?
  5. After investment firm Trim Tabs confirmed that “the main use of corporate America’s tax savings will be takeovers and stock buybacks rather than capital investment or hiring,” will you address that in today’s hearing?