Questions for Republicans on the Trump Budget

President Trump's FY2021 Budget
President Trump’s budget released yesterday clearly outlines his priorities: the wealthiest Americans come first, while working families are left behind. After he promised to protect Medicare, Medicaid, and access to affordable health care, the President’s budget proposes destructive cuts to these programs and continues this Administration’s assault on American’s health care. With the budget revealing even more of the President’s hypocrisy, we know you are dying to see how far the GOP will go to defend him. Don’t worry, we’ve got some questions already prepared for you:
  1. Do you support President Trump’s cuts to Medicare, a program he promised to protect? How will you justify those cuts to seniors?
  2. Do you support President Trump’s cuts to Medicaid? How will you explain reducing access to care for seniors, low-income Americans, people in rural communities, and those struggling with opioid addiction?
  3. Republicans used to be fiscal hawks when it came to the deficit, but even with major cuts to critical programs, the Trump budget still doesn’t balance. Why does your party no longer care about the national debt?
  4. Given the trillion dollar deficits projected, will House Republican finally concede that tax cuts do not pay for themselves?
  5. This budget projects 3 percent in economic growth, a goal President Trump has yet to reach, but most economists say that is unrealistic. If he hasn’t achieved this goal in the last three years, why do you think he will achieve it with a budget that is just a continuation of his past economic policies?
  6. Congress and the White House agreed on a bipartisan budget agreement last year, but the President’s budget proposal walks away from that agreement. Will you call on the President to commit to the agreement like he said he would and prevent another Trump shutdown?
  7. The President has continued to side-step Congress in order to pay for his border wall, like stealing money from military construction sites. Does it bother you that the President will continue stealing taxpayer dollars if he doesn’t get the funding he is asking for?
  8. Will you support the President if he decides to shut down the government for a second time if he doesn’t get the funding he is asking for?
  9. If infrastructure is a priority, why would you cut funding for the Army Corps of Engineers?
  10. Why would Republicans make it harder for rural communities to access broadband?