Shame On Them: Republicans Are Playing A Cynical Political Game with Hugely High

Wanted to be sure you saw this piece in The Economist on the political games Republicans are playing as they refuse to take a balanced approach to deficit reduction. Republicans continue to risk our economic security as they fight for tax breaks for the wealthy while ending Medicare for seniors. It’s time for them to take a serious approach to deficit reduction and work with Democrats to agree to a balanced deal to reduce the deficit and ensure America pays its bills.

Key Excerpts:

The sticking-point is not on the spending side. It is because the vast majority of Republicans, driven on by the wilder-eyed members of their party and the cacophony of conservative media, are clinging to the position that not a single cent of deficit reduction must come from a higher tax take. This is economically illiterate and disgracefully cynical.”

“This newspaper has a strong dislike of big government; we have long argued that the main way to right America’s finances is through spending cuts. But you cannot get there without any tax rises.”

“Both parties have in recent months been guilty of fiscal recklessness. Right now, though, the blame falls clearly on the Republicans. Independent voters should take note."