Stop us if you've heard this before.

Jobs & the Economy
Trump must not remember the last one because – get this – he is threatening ANOTHER government shutdown. Politico Playbook PM reports:

“…There's a chance President DONALD TRUMP will not sign any government funding bills until he knows how the DHS funding bills will be worked out -- presumably to see how immigration policy/the wall is handled… the government shuts down in 17 DAYS unless Congress acts. There was some plan to pass some non-controversial bills this month, and then deal with the more difficult items like Defense and DHS later on. But if the president is unwilling to sign any spending bill until he sees how DHS is worked out, that complicates this strategy. It could lead to a yearlong stopgap -- which would preserve the president's abilities to reprogram money for his wall, but cancel the planned $100 billion increase in spending. Or Congress could fall back on a series of short-term bills while the president fights.”

In case he needs a reminder of what’s at stake, his last shutdown directly cost the U.S. economy at least $11 billion, among other harmful consequences.