Issue Report ● GOP Tax Law
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June 19, 2018
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Mariel Saez 202-225-3130
This week marks six months since the GOP tax scam was signed into law, and the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation has released an interactive map to show the impact of the GOP tax law on individuals. The color-coded results show just how dramatically the law cuts taxes for the top 1% of Americans while leaving the middle class behind.

The map displays gradients for the average tax cut as a percentage of income that different groups will see as a result of the law.  The map shows in stark terms that working people in virtually every Congressional district across the country with the lowest incomes see the smallest tax relief as a percentage of their income.  The middle class sees relatively modest tax relief at best.  But in every corner of the country, those making the most – with salaries of $200,000 or more – receive a tax windfall proportionally much larger than those struggling to get by.

Take a look at the country-wide distribution for middle class families:  

The map turns purple for the wealthiest Americans who see thousands in tax cuts under the law:


The Tax Foundation’s tool also shows district-by-district data. For example, in Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s district, California’s 23rd district, households making $17,000 a year on average get $128 while those making $470,000 on average get $22,132.

Over six months after the GOP tax scam was signed into law, the impact is crystal clear:  the law is a windfall for the wealthy and large corporations that is adding trillions to the deficit and leaving the middle class behind.

Click here to read the PDF. 

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