A Total Loser

President Trump calls this shutdown a “total winner,” but The Hill highlights how it’s quite the opposite according to the latest The Hill-HarrisX poll. Key excerpts:
“President Trump has said that shutting down the federal government in support of his demand for a southern border wall is a ‘total winner’ for him politically, but according to a new poll, the only people who oppose compromise on the issue are his strongest backers.”

An overwhelmingly 70 percent of registered voters in the latest The Hill-HarrisX poll said they want Trump and Congress to reach some sort of compromise, compared to just 30 percent who say that sticking to principles is more important than ending the partial shutdown.”

“The poll found that while Trump's most fervent supporters approve of refusing to bend, no other demographic group did.”

Among Republicans as a whole, a majority of 61 percent said they wanted a compromise while 39 percent said that staying tough was their preference.”