A 'troubling move backward'

Defense and National Security
Decorated members of the military who have experienced combat firsthand are speaking out against the Trump Administration’s hateful ban on transgender Americans serving in the military. Today, twenty-six retired generals and admirals released a statement calling on President Trump to reconsider the ban, which they call a “troubling move backward... [that] deprives the military of trained and skilled service members, which harms readiness and morale.” Read more in The Hill:
“More than 20 retired generals and admirals are opposing the latest iteration of President Trump’s ban on transgender people in the military in a new statement Tuesday.”
“‘The administration’s announcement on the treatment of transgender service members is a troubling move backward,’ the 26 officers wrote in their statement, obtained first by The Hill from the Palm Center, which researches issues of gender and sexuality.”
There is simply no reason to single out brave transgender Americans who can meet military standards and deny them the ability to serve.”
“Notable signatories include retired Vice Adm. Donald Arthur, former surgeon general of the Navy; retired Vice Adm. Kevin Green, former deputy chief of naval operations for operations, plans and policy; retired Lt. Gen. Arlen Jameson, former deputy commander-in-chief of U.S. Strategic Command; and retired Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, the first Army women to achieve a three-star rank and a former Army deputy chief of staff for intelligence.”
“Transgender troops who are able to serve under the new policy, they continued, would do so ‘under a false presumption of unsuitability,’ not be able to receive needed medical care and will live in ‘constant fear’ of being discharged.”
“‘We should not return to the days of forcing men and women to hide in the shadows and serve their country without institutional support,’ the officers said. ‘This deprives the military of trained and skilled service members, which harms readiness and morale.’”