The Trump Shutdown "Made the I.R.S. Even More Frustrating"

Not only are millions of Americans expected to receive smaller tax refunds this year as a result of the GOP tax scam, but it’s also been much harder for taxpayers to get their questions answered as they attempt to file their taxes. The New York Times reported today that the 35-day Trump shutdown meant that a “shocking” number of taxpayer calls and letters have gone unanswered, even after the shutdown ended. Key excerpts:
“The longest government shutdown in United States history resulted in a ‘shocking’ number of taxpayers’ calls to the Internal Revenue Service going unreturned or being left to languish on hold for unusually long periods, according to a government audit released on Tuesday.”

“The issues were especially acute since they followed significant changes to the tax code — ushered in by President Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax overhaul — that left many people with questions about filing their returns.”

“The audit, by the office of the National Taxpayer Advocate, found that over five million pieces of mail went unanswered and 87,000 amended tax returns were not processed during the shutdown...”

The problems continued even after the shutdown, the audit found. In the week that ended Feb. 2, shortly after agency employees returned to their jobs, less than half of the calls to the I.R.S.’s accounts-management lines were answered, compared with nearly 90 percent during the same week last year.”