Vox: Harley-Davidson took its tax cut, closed a factory, and rewarded shareholders

GOP Tax Law
Workers laid off. Investors rewarded. Jobs shipped overseas. Vox lays out what one company did after the GOP tax scam was signed into law, and it’s not what GOP leaders promised. Key points –
What Speaker Ryan said would happen: “In September 2017, House Speaker Paul Ryan traveled to a Harley-Davidson plant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, to tout the Republican tax bill... ‘Tax reform can put American manufacturers and American companies like Harley-Davidson on a much better footing to compete in the global economy and keep jobs here in America,’ Ryan told workers and company leaders.”

What actually happened: “Four months later and 500 miles away in Kansas City, Missouri, 800 workers at a Harley-Davidson factory were told they would lose their jobs when the plant closed its doors… Just days later, the company announced a dividend increase and a stock buyback plan to repurchase 15 million of its shares, valued at about $696 million… Meanwhile, Harley-Davidson is opening up a plant in Thailand, where it plans to start production later this year.”