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July 28, 2022
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The House will vote on the CHIPS and Science Act this week, delivering critical innovation legislation that will lower costs for Americans, reduce our reliance on foreign supply chains, and turbocharge our research and development sectors. This bipartisan, bicameral legislation will address inflation, bolster production of critical semiconductor chips here at home, create new jobs, expand economic opportunity, and ensure workers and businesses have the tools they need to Make It In America.

Business groups are encouraging the passage of this bipartisan bill to accelerate domestic manufacturing of these critical semiconductors:
Business Roundtable: Business Roundtable Urges Congressional Passage of Bipartisan Legislation to Fully Fund CHIPS for America Act

“Business Roundtable urges Congress to pass as soon as possible bipartisan legislation that fully funds the CHIPS for America Act, which will help to sustain U.S. economic growth and competitiveness. Revitalizing U.S. semiconductor manufacturing is also key to America's national security.” [7/19/22]

National Association of Manufacturers: Manufacturers Back Chips Bill, Call for Further Action from Congress
Innovation and intellectual property are the lifeblood for manufacturers in the United States, supporting manufacturing businesses and a skilled workforce here at home, creating economic opportunity for Americans of all backgrounds and empowering American leadership around the world. That manufacturing innovation is also a constant target for foreign governments and businesses that want to steal or undermine critical IP protections and rules to boost their own economies at our expense.” [7/19/22]

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: U.S. Chamber Urges Congress to Pass CHIPS Act Funding | U.S. Chamber of Commerce
““The Chamber strongly supports the renewed push in Congress to approve funding for the CHIPS for America Act before the end of the month. Semiconductors are essential to nearly every sector of the economy. Unfortunately, demand for chips has outstripped supply, creating a global shortage and resulting in lost growth and jobs here at home. Passing this legislation to incentivize semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing in the United States will strengthen our economy and our national security." [7/18/22]

National security leaders have also called passage of the CHIPS and Science Act essential to America’s national security interests:

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin: “The CHIPS Act directly supports our national defense. Weapon systems employed on the battlefields of today and emerging technologies of tomorrow depend on our access to a steady, secure supply of microelectronics. Our strategic competitors are making substantial investments in this area – China, the U.S. military’s pacing challenge, has already spent $150 billion updating its semiconductor industry. The investments made through the CHIPS Act are critical to our national security, and will directly support maintaining America’s technological and military edge.” [7/14/22]

Lieutenant General (Ret.) H.R. McMaster: “It is vital that Congress act now to counter Chinese economic aggression, compete, and secure competitive advantages necessary to preserve peace and promote prosperity.” [3/21/22]

National Security Institute Executive Director Jamil Jaffer: “Simply catching up to China is not sufficient…we need American labs and American companies to develop the next generation of chips. We need to build here and then get ahead. That's going to cost money, time and effort.” [7/20/22]
Here’s a look at what editorial boards around the country had to say about what the CHIPS and Science bill will do for their communities: Bring computer chip manufacturing home. Pass the CHIPS Act.
Both Democrats and Republicans agree semiconductor funding is vital to our country’s economic and national security interests Semiconductors are in almost everything, yet only 12% of them are made in the United States. Most chips are manufactured in China, Taiwan and South Korea, which heavily subsidize the industry. The Covid-19 pandemic created chip shortages that are hampering U.S. manufacturers and the military, exposing the fragility of supply chains. The lack of chip-making capacity makes the U.S. vulnerable to disruptions caused by trade or geopolitical disputes. Lack of funding for research cedes the future to our economic rivals — as well as the high-paying, highly skilled jobs in the industry.” [7/24/22]

The Mankato Free Press: Pass computer chip bill for U.S. plants
“A commonsense plan to encourage homegrown computer chip manufacturing should be a slam dunk for Congress to pass before its August recess…the semiconductor bill will boost the U.S. manufacturing and improve national security as we won't have to rely on foreign sources for the growing need for semiconductors. It may also tamp down inflation in everything that uses computer chips as the domestic production will likely be cheaper than imports.” [7/20/22]

The West Virginia Exponent-Telegram: Lawmakers must act now to return semiconductor manufacturing to U.S.
“To this day, we continue to deal with supply chain shortages, and while all are inconveniences, there are shortages that have a much more dramatic impact – either in terms of quality of life, if not life itself, as well as putting aspects of the U.S. economy in peril…if we’ve learned anything during the past two years, it should be that the U.S. must be more independent in terms of key supply chains. Our leadership is Washington needs to address the problem now.” [7/14/22]

The Dallas Morning News: The chip crisis: Can Congress help solve America’s semiconductor problem?
“America faces a serious economic and national security risk when it comes to the development and manufacturing of semiconductor chips that are integral to daily life in the modern world…a strong bipartisan majority of Congress understands this and has rightly acted to boost the semiconductor industry domestically. We need to ensure we have the capability to produce this vital product at home.” [5/3/22]

The Detroit News: Editorial: CHIPS Act Critical To Michigan Manufacturing
“The United States, and Michigan in particular, can’t afford to lose out on the growth of another vital sector — semiconductor chips — at a time when domestic manufacturers need more security and stability to meet the rapid demand for these critical products…the U.S. can’t afford to ignore the industry given global growth patterns, supply chain nightmares, and national security, which heavily depends on U.S. chip production capabilities should global supply chain logistics become even worse than they are.” [6/11/22]
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