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July 24, 2018
​On Monday, Whip Hoyer announced House Democrats' updated Make It In America plan at the WeWork Dupont Circle. This plan was developed after traveling to nine communities across the country on the Make It In America Listening Tour. On the Tour, Democrats heard from Americans about the economic challenges they face and how they are faring in today’s economy. Whip Hoyer's speech discussed what he heard on the road and how Democrats are going to respond to the challenges identified by Americans and build on the initiatives that are working. Here’s a look at what press reports are saying about the Make It In America plan:

The Hill: Hoyer updates Dems' economic agenda with sights on taking House
“House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Monday unveiled his long-evolving economic agenda, vowing that Democrats will be laser-focused on easing middle-class financial anxieties if voters deliver them the Speaker’s gavel next year.”

“Central to that effort, Hoyer said, will be moves to bolster federal infrastructure projects and promote education and skills training for workers left behind by the swiftly shifting economy.”

“Hoyer has spent the past several months touring the country on what he billed a ‘listening tour,’ which focused on heartland cities like Toledo, Ohio; Peoria, Ill.; and Pittsburgh, where he lamented a gap between employment opportunities and a local workforce lacking the skills to take advantage of them.”

“Hoyer’s ‘Make it in America’ plan — a collection bills aimed at helping workers — has been around for almost a decade. On Monday, he updated the package to include a sharper focus on efforts to promote education, infrastructure and business enterprise.”

“The bundle includes proposals to broaden the reach of Pell Grants to include worker training programs; encourage the portability of health and retirement benefits when workers change jobs; expand access to high-speed internet; and stimulate construction of a modern electrical grid, featuring a shift to clean energy.”

USA Today: Dueling economic messages preview midterm battle between Trump, Democrats
“President Donald Trump and a top House Democrat offered dueling economic messages geared toward the heartland on Mondayas (sic) both parties sought to appeal to middle-class workers who will decide the midterm election.”

“‘People are getting by, but they're not necessarily getting ahead,’ said House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md, after completing a months-long listening tour in heartland states, Pennsylvania and Nevada. ‘And that's what our country is supposed to do – give everyone a shot at getting ahead.’”

“Hoyer on Monday laid out policies promoting education, entrepreneurship and infrastructure improvements, updating his ‘Make it in America’ job-creation plan after traveling across the country for a ‘listening tour.’ Though his plan in 2010 focused on boosting manufacturing, it now includesother (sic) economic policies designed to lift the middle class.”

“House Democrats recently unveiled a ‘For the People’ platform for 2018, focused on raising wages, making health care more affordable, and stopping government corruption. Hoyer said "Make it in America" complements that platform.”

“If House Democrats win the majority, Hoyer said skills training and infrastructure programs will be a priority.”

“Hoyer highlighted programs that allow students or workers well into their careers to accrue badges or certifications for specific skills to either start a career or move up. Pell grants, he said, would be one way to cover the cost of such programs.” 

“In Indianapolis alone – one stop on Hoyer's tour – he said it costs $200 million a year just to maintain its infrastructure and upgrades would cost an additional $2.5 billion. Meanwhile, he noted the American Society of Civil Engineers estimates the gap between expected federal funding and needs for infrastructure projects over the next 10 years exceeds $2 trillion.”

“‘We are challenged not only by what we need to repair,’ he said. ‘We also have to look to the future and build new networks to carry goods, people, energy, water and information.’”

Wall Street Journal: No. 2 Democrat Steny Hoyer Unveils Centrist Economic Pitch
“Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 House Democrat, unveiled his updated economic pitch aimed at helping his party win back the House, saying Congress needs to help American households make progress financially rather than just tread water.”

“In a speech Monday at a WeWork co-working facility, Mr. Hoyer said he sees education and skills training, entrepreneurship and infrastructure on the Democrats’ policy list if they retake control in the 2018 midterms. The speech followed a tour of nine states, where the Maryland Democrat hosted events with business owners, city officials and students.”

‘“People are getting by. But they’re not getting ahead,’ said Mr. Hoyer, the House Minority Whip. ‘That’s what our country is supposed to do: give everyone a shot at getting ahead. That’s what it means to make it in America.’”

“Mr. Hoyer said in an interview that middle-class workers ‘are very worried that the economy is passing them by,’ and cited concerns about college tuition, buying a home and saving for retirement.”

“One of Mr. Hoyer’s policy proposals would allow Pell grants to cover job-training programs. Pell Grants are government grants that help low-income college students.”

“He also spoke of finding ways for students to acquire new skills and training outside of a college degree programs. Mr. Hoyer called for multiyear, fully funded spending bills to ‘tackle the backlog for both transportation networks and water infrastructure.’…Mr. Hoyer’s plan … does talk about providing new skills training to workers, should the industry experience rapid change.”
To learn about the new Make It In America plan, visit: MakeItInAmerica

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