Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

2020 Budget
Charts a path away from our nation’s values and jeopardizes our nation’s future.
Budgets are blueprints for America’s values and America’s future.  The 2020 Budget proposal released by the Trump Administration in early March, unfortunately, charts a path away from our nation’s values and jeopardizes our nation’s future.  It rejects fiscal sustainability: it has trillion-dollar deficits for the next four years and it doesn’t balance for 15 years – breaking the President’s promise to balance the budget in eight years. It sets up confrontation and another potential government shutdown by demanding $8.6 billion in funding for the border wall Congress already rejected.  Moreover, it calls for repealing the Affordable Care Act and its protections for those with pre-existing conditions as well as slashing funding for Medicare and Medicaid.  Relying on gimmicks and accounting tricks, the President’s budget proposal endangers our national security by making it harder for the military to engage in long-term planning.  This budget cannot be seen as a serious document.  

Now, Congress has a responsibility to approach the Fiscal Year 2020 appropriations process with seriousness and an eye toward making smart investments in national security, economic opportunity, and lifting up the most vulnerable in our communities.  Democrats will continue to stand firm in opposing cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, the construction of an expensive and ineffective border wall, and the use of gimmicks like using the emergency Overseas Contingency Operations account as a backdoor for defense spending while slashing non-defense priorities.  The American people deserve a plan that draws on our values to invest in better, safer, and more prosperous future for our country.
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The American people want their elected officials to work together in good faith to ensure that our nation can afford its investments in protecting our national security, strengthening communities, fighting poverty, and expanding opportunity.
Mr. Speaker, I rise in deep concern for our country and its ability to sustain investments in growing our economy and making opportunities available for our people.
On Monday, the Trump Administration released its budget for Fiscal Year 2020. Once again, the President has put forward an irresponsible, unserious budget proposal that was dismissed as dead on arrival.
This week, the Trump Administration released another irresponsible, unserious budget that doubles down on exploding the deficit and giving tax cuts to the wealthy while cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and investments in our nation’s future.
Yesterday, President Trump released an irresponsible budget that has been panned as dead-on-arrival. Here’s what you need to know about this disastrous budget:
Another year, another unserious budget proposal from the Trump Administration that was instantly dismissed out of hand. Given the deep cuts to critical programs, demands for a border wall, and budget gimmicks included in the proposal, it should be no surprise that the headlines today highlight how this budget is dead on arrival:
This morning, President Trump released his fiscal year 2020 budget, which is yet another unserious proposal that, if enacted, would jeopardize our nation’s security and economic well-being.
The President’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget released this morning reflects the Trump Administration’s separation from reality.