Defense and National Security

Keeping America safe is Congress’ most important duty. Democrats are focused on strengthening U.S. national security and restoring America’s leadership in the world. That includes deploying the full arsenal of US power – diplomatic, development, and military tools – to maintain America’s standing in the world. The Democratic-led 116th Congress passed a robust National Defense Authorization Act, which strengthens national security, supports our troops, and defends our allies and interests abroad. It also includes the Intelligence Authorization Act, which reauthorizes critical intelligence programs and strengthens Congressional oversight.

President Trump, on the other hand, continues to undermine national security and make America less safe. With each tweet, Trump erodes US prestige. He has presented no plan or strategy for the gravest threats facing our nation, including strategies to address the situations in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, or Yemen. He refused to affirm NATO’s Article 5 and the common defense of our allies or take a stand against Putin’s Russia, which has sowed doubt among US allies. He seeks to cut the diplomatic and development tools that are necessary to maintain order. Trump’s ban on transgender troops serving in the Armed Forces harms our military’s readiness and undermines the values for which U.S. troops risk their lives.

Defense and National Security Related
By selectively declassifying documents relating to the investigation into his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia, the President is once again showing he has no regard for the rule of law and is putting his own interests ahead of the country’s. 
Having been signed by someone who takes the word of Vladimir Putin over our own intelligence agencies and called on Russia during the 2016 campaign to commit cyberattacks against our elections, today’s executive order is not going to make anyone believe that President Trump really cares about securing our elections against foreign interference. 
I condemn unequivocally the Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza against Israeli civilians.  No country should sit by while its citizens are harmed and threatened.
On Monday, the world witnessed the President of the United States side with President Putin over our own intelligence community, which has confirmed that Russia interfered in the election and continues to attack our democracy.
The legislation was introduced after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) informed Maryland officials that a Russian oligarch had invested in one of the state’s voting software vendors in 2015 without the state’s knowledge.
Good afternoon. I am pleased to be joined by a number of my colleagues, some of whom will be speaking and others whom may answer questions.
The Putin regime has consistently worked against the interests of the United States and our allies and partners around the world, including:
Mr. Speaker, it would be inaccurate to say that this is a vote about process. It is a vote about substance. In fact, Mr. Quigley's amendment is about one of the most pressing issues of our time.
Today, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) introduced the Secure America from Russian Interference Act, bipartisan legislation to hold Russia accountable for its malign activities and safeguard our country.
With today’s indictments, twelve Russian government officials have now been identified by law enforcement agencies as having engaged in cyberattacks aimed at interfering in our 2016 federal election.
Today, Democrats and Republicans in the House came together to reauthorize critical intelligence and national security programs with broad, bipartisan support.
That President Trump is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki next month makes a mockery of history.
President Trump continues to try to undermine Americans’ independent law enforcement institutions in order to defend himself against the special counsel’s investigation. 
While diplomacy with our adversaries is fundamental to a smart approach in foreign affairs, it must be carried out wisely and in concert with our allies.
These latest attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from Gaza against civilians in Israel underscore the danger facing our ally every day.
This week, House and Senate Democrats unveiled the newest plank in our Better Deal agenda: “A Better Deal for Our Democracy.”  Too many Americans have come to see government as dysfunctional and ineffective at making opportunities more broadly available. 
This letter is a sad example of the petulance and shallowness of the foreign policy being pursued by this President.
Mr. Speaker, a moment of silence is not enough.
Israel has every right to defend itself against attack from across its borders, and its actions this morning were entirely justified.
The chemical attack in Douma was a horrific violation of international law and a crime against humanity.
Decorated members of the military who have experienced combat firsthand are speaking out against the Trump Administration’s hateful ban on transgender Americans serving in the military.
President Trump’s bigoted views against transgender people should not be allowed to drive our defense policies.  
Nearly every week this year, a community has been impacted by a school shooting, and I am appalled and angered that one occurred in my district at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County, Maryland on Tuesday.