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Today's signing of peace agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain is a historic moment, which represents the culmination of decades of work by Democratic and Republican administrations and by countless American diplomats working tirelessly behind the scenes. 
I applaud Israel’s success in securing normalized relations with Bahrain. Peace with Arab states has been Israel’s aim since its founding, and it has remained a major American foreign policy goal.
The news today of an encounter between U.S. and Russian forces in Syria underscore the dangers of this Administration’s lack of a strategy to protect our troops, support our allies, and promote an end to the conflict there that secures our interests. I remain deeply concerned that Vladimir Putin intends to use pressure on our military - as we saw with the reports several weeks ago of Russian bounties paid to the Taliban in Afghanistan for U.S. service members killed there - and influence our election and the direction of America’s global national security strategy.
In recent years, Alexey Navalny has been jailed, harassed, poisoned, and dyed green - all in an effort to silence him and the millions of Russians who, alongside him, yearn for freedom and democracy in their country and an end to Vladimir Putin's autocratic kleptocracy.  I have no doubt that, if it turns out he was poisoned again today, the Russian people will know exactly who is responsible. 
Today’s announcement that Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will move forward to establish diplomatic relations is a positive and important step. It is critical that Israel’s right to exist is recognized by all and that Arab countries join in accepting Israel’s permanence.
he Trump Administration’s travel ban targeting several Muslim-majority countries continues to be not only a mark of shame on our country but also a threat to our national security.  A potent tool for those who would radicalize and recruit terrorists, the ban was implemented without regard to objections from our national security experts or those who defend the principles of freedom of religion and non-discrimination. 
Because of its unfree and rigged process, we may never know the real results of today’s referendum in Russia. But the outcome will surely be many more years of dictatorial rule by Vladimir Putin, an autocrat with an iron grip over his people and whose record of aggression and human rights violations rivals that of the czars of old. This is the man praised and admired by President Trump.
Thirty-one years ago, the Chinese government in Beijing brutally and violently disbursed peaceful protestors in Tiananmen Square.
House Democrats have consistently stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Hong Kong, who so desperately want to preserve the freedom and democracy they have enjoyed for generations, now threatened by the government in Beijing.  It is no surprise that President Xi and other Chinese leaders feel that they have an opportunity to try to stamp out democracy and freedom of expression in Hong Kong; President Trump has made no secret of his support for President Xi, even calling him a ‘friend of mine’ and an ‘incredible guy.
WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today after President Trump announced that he plans to withdraw the United States from the Open Skies Treaty: 

Seventy-two years ago, the proclamation of the State of Israel fulfilled millennia of the Jewish people’s yearning for renewed independence in their homeland. 
WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement on the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide:

I am deeply concerned about the emergency powers legislation enacted yesterday in Hungary.  Prime Minister Orban has given little indication that he can be trusted to relinquish emergency powers granted to him without an expiration date. 
The President promised the American people that Mexico would pay for his border wall, but once again, he is stealing funds appropriated by the Congress to the military in order to fund this costly, ineffective, and wasteful endeavor. 
Today we are witnessing the takeover of the U.N. Human Rights Council by the discriminatory B.D.S. movement, whose mission, as expressed plainly by its founders, is to effect a ‘one-state solution’ that eliminates Israel as a Jewish state. 
Yesterday, the President released his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2021 and made his priorities clear: he continues to put the wealthiest Americans first at the expense of working families. The budget proposal makes tax cuts for the wealthy permanent while breaking his promises to working families on health care, the economy, and other areas that help Americans get ahead and keep them safe.
The expansion of President Trump’s illegal Muslim ban will only further endanger our country and erode our standing and leadership in the world.
Madam Speaker, I want to thank Rep. Lee and Rep. Khanna for their continued efforts to prevent American forces from being sent into combat without Congressional authorization. Americans have now experienced a generation of war abroad to prevent terror at home. In Afghanistan and Iraq, our troops have fought courageously. Their families have sacrificed. Their friends and neighbors have waited anxiously for news of their safe return home. Many, tragically, did not return. We hold them in our hearts today as we engage in this critical debate about the nature of Congress’s role in making consequential decisions of war and peace.
It is unconscionable that the President of the United States would mislead the public about the wounding of American military personnel in combat in order to burnish his own image.
Today, the government’s independent watchdog agency, the Government Accountability Office, confirmed that President Trump violated the law when it withheld Congressionally appropriated military aid to Ukraine. 
Like all Americans, I am appalled and outraged by Iran’s attack against Iraq and our troops stationed there.  I stand strongly and firmly with our men and women in uniform, who are doing their jobs with honor and courage to defend our freedom and the safety of our country and its allies abroad.  I pray that our servicemembers are safe, and my thoughts are with their families waiting anxiously for news back home.  I am also thinking of the Iraqis and coalition partners who serve alongside our troops and praying for their safety. 
The death of Qasem Soleimani should be welcomed by all who support peace and oppose terrorism. He was an enemy of peace and one of the world’s most dangerous proponents and practitioners of terror. He has spent his last two decades building a force that threatens America, Israel, and innocent people around the world.
Before another Republican tries to tell you that Ukraine didn’t feel any pressure by President Trump to investigate his political rival, check out this important report from the Associated Pre
Israel, like every other nation, has the fundamental right to defend itself and protect its citizens from terror.  The actions carried out against Islamic Jihad, a recognized terrorist organization that continues to plot attacks against Israeli civilians and aim for the eradication of the Jewish state, were aimed at preventing atrocities against civilians.