Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Democrats stand with DREAMers and are fighting to bring the DREAM Act to the Floor.

The United States is a nation of immigrants and we recognize the contributions that Americans who came to this country from all over the world have made. That’s why House Democrats continue to work for common sense, comprehensive, and balanced immigration reform: reform that secures our borders, respects the rule of law, and provides immigrants with a fair chance of achieving the American Dream.

Meanwhile, President Trump and his Administration have worked to instill fear in communities by splitting families apart and threatening to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which was established under the Obama Administration to protect immigrant children brought to the United States by their parents through no fault of their own. In addition, President Trump continues to call on American taxpayers to foot the bill for an ineffective and costly border wall.

Democrats strongly oppose Trump’s reckless enforcement policies and believe that Congress must pass comprehensive immigration reform. Comprehensive reform is not only the morally right thing to do, but it is also good for our economy and will help our fiscal outlook. According to the Congressional Budget Office, comprehensive immigration reform would reduce the deficit by $900 billion over the next twenty years, including $200 billion in the first decade alone.

Comprehensive immigration reform is supported by a majority of Americans, as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO, the agriculture community, the technology community, the faith community, and others. Democrats continue to urge House Republicans to allow the House to work its will and bring immigration reform legislation up for a vote.

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Thank you very much, Congressman [Joaquin] Castro, Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi, Whip [Jim] Clyburn, and the Members who stand behind me.
We’re not the only ones who oppose President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border.
Declaring a national emergency would be a violation of the spirit of the laws Congress enacted to deal with actual emergencies by allowing an extraordinary circumvention of our Constitution’s framework of checks and balances.
This weekend, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) visited Texas and New Mexico with Congresswomen Veronica Escobar (TX-16), Xochitl Torres Small (NM-02), Deb Haaland (NM-01), and Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05) to meet with migrants, advocates, and border law enforcement personnel.
There's still negotiations going on between the two sides, between the two [chambers], and hopefully they will reach an agreement, hopefully they will reach an agreement soon.
Today, President Trump will head to El Paso, Texas for a campaign rally to divide and demagogue in order to make his case for his costly, ineffective border wall.
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD) visited Texas and New Mexico on Saturday with Congresswomen Veronica Escobar (TX-16), Xochitl Torres Small (NM-02), Deb Haaland (NM-01), and Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05). 
I am glad that a federal judge today acted to prevent the Trump Administration from tampering with the 2020 Census.  Our founding generation created the decennial census in order to ensure an accurate count of all those living within our borders, subject to our laws, and participating in our economy.
I am heartbroken by the tragic news that another child has died in the custody of federal agents. It is incumbent upon Congress to ask serious questions about what happened and who bears responsibility.
Tonight, President Trump and Republicans chose to end their House Majority the way they have governed over the past two years, rejecting bipartisan compromise and embracing extremism, to the detriment of our country. 
WASHINGTON, DC - House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) appeared on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" this evening to urge President Trump and Congressional Republicans to work with Democrats to fund government and avoid another Trump shutdown. Below are excerpts from the interview and a link to the video. 
My view is we ought to pass the agreement that we all thought had been agreed to by all parties including the President of the United States.
What a sad day. Mr. Chairman [Rodney Frelinghuysen], I feel badly that you're leaving on this note.
The disaster of Republicans’ dysfunctional House Majority of the past eight years is on full display. 
As Congress quickly approaches the December 21st deadline to fund the remainder of government, House Democrats are committed to working on a bipartisan basis to avoid another Trump shutdown.
I am heartbroken and deeply alarmed by news of a young child having died in the custody of U.S. Border Patrol.  This is an unconscionable lapse by border patrol personnel responsible for ensuring the safety of those in their custody. 
...The Republicans control the House, and they control the Senate. They could pass [legislation to fund government]. 
While we continue to wait and see if the President is going to take one of Democrats’ two compromise offers or shut down the government over his border wall, here’s a reminder for President Trump of how the American people feel about it:  
With 10 days left until the December 21 funding deadline, President Trump isn’t working across the aisle to keep government open. Instead, he’s declaring to the American people that he would be proud to shut it down if he doesn’t get his way:
The President has said last year, he's repeated this year, and he repeated three times today how he would be proud to shut down the government, that he was looking forward to, and he would shut down the government. 
If the government shuts down next week, Trump just admitted in the Oval Office that he will be the one to blame:

Good afternoon.  I’m excited to be here with CASA and this wonderful coalition of organizations working to protect America’s role as a refuge for those seeking freedom and opportunity.
We know there’s a lot going on this morning, but don’t let this one pass you by. Once again, President Trump is admitting he is prepared to shut down unified Republican government over his costly, ineffective border wall.
Today’s announcement is yet another indicator of this Administration’s inhumane and ill-conceived asylum policies.