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House Democrats passed the Raise the Wage Act to provide up to 33 million workers a pay raise; the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure equal pay for equal work; and funding legislation to help rebuild our nation’s infrastructure.
Creating jobs and expanding economic opportunity continues to be Democrats’ top priority.  Too many Americans are struggling to get by. That has to change, and that’s why Democrats are fighting for a better deal for middle class families and small businesses.  We are pursuing a Make It In America plan to address the current economic challenges facing working families by investing in three core areas: education, to ensure all Americans have the skills needed to get good-paying jobs; infrastructure, which will create jobs and better connect communities by repairing roads and bridges and expanding high-speed internet access; and entrepreneurship, to encourage Americans to start their own businesses by streamlining regulations, providing access to affordable health care and retirement savings, and increasing access to credit and loans.
Rather than work with Democrats to build on the economic progress made under the Obama Administration, President Trump has failed to put forward a single jobs bill. He hasn’t taken action to support job creation, and in fact, his budget would slash investments in infrastructure, education, research, and other areas that support job creation. Forecasters have lowered growth estimates; despite promises to the contrary, companies like Ford and Carrier are shipping jobs overseas; and 2017 saw the first four consecutive months since 2012 of the economy adding fewer than 200,000 new private sector jobs.
In contrast, Democrats have a strong record of job creation and are committed to raising wages. In July, House Democrats passed the Raise the Wage Act, legislation that will gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, providing up to 33 million workers a pay raise and lifting 1.3 million of American out of poverty, including 600,000 children. In March, House Democrats passed the Paycheck Fairness Act to close the gender wage gap and ensure equal pay for equal work. In addition, we passed funding measures that will help rebuild our infrastructure, creating good jobs that pay well. While the President walked away from negotiations on a robust infrastructure package, House Democrats are committed to investing in new roads, bridges, mass transit, ports, airports, schools, water systems, energy grids, and broadband.
When Democrats last held the majority and our nation was faced with the deepest recession in generations, we passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which cut taxes for 95% of American families and led the way to creating two million new private sector jobs during the Obama presidency.  Democrats also enacted Wall Street reform legislation that restored common sense rules to protect families and our economy from the excesses of big banks and help prevent a financial collapse from happening again.  This law, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, aims to protect middle class Americans by increasing consumer protections and preventing taxpayers from having to bailout financial institutions. While Republicans are working to undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which works to protect consumers following the financial crisis, Democrats passed the Consumers First Act to restore the role of the CFPB and ensure consumer protections.
Democrats believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, working to grow and create jobs.  Democrats have pushed for legislation to prevent multinational corporations from outsourcing jobs overseas, while giving tax credits to businesses who hire new employees here in the United States, as well as restore the flow of credit to small businesses so they can grow and create jobs, and extend the research and development tax credit that encourages innovation and job creation.
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House Democrats are delivering on our For the People agenda by taking action to raise wages.
The month’s jobs report, which shows a significant slowing of the pace of private sector job growth, ought to alarm a nation already facing profound economic uncertainty. 
Today's announcement that the merchandise trade deficit for 2018 topped $891 billion shows that the President has flunked the test he set for himself. 
Today’s jobs report has to be viewed in the context that last month, 800,000 Americans workers effectively had their jobs taken away and were denied two paychecks, forcing them to go to food banks to feed their families or to take out risky payday loans as a result of President Trump’s shutdown strategy.
Lilly [Ledbetter], thank you for your courage. Adriana [Hutchings], thank you for your courage. Thank you for all those who are wearing the “Ms” on your t-shirts. You make a difference.
Today’s CBO outlook shows the American people what is already evident: Donald Trump will go down in history as the worst president in terms of fiscal irresponsibility.
I want to thank [Education and Labor Committee Chair] Bobby Scott for his leadership. Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi, who as she said, the last time we were in charge, one of the first things we did was raise minimum wage. It was not enough then. It is clearly not enough now.
The final jobs report of 2018 reflects an economy unsure of its direction.
I’m pleased that the House has finally provided certainty to farmers and those fighting hunger in our communities by passing a bipartisan farm bill.
While reflective of a resilient economy, the November jobs report was weaker than expected, driven in part by uncertainty due to trade and the realization that any short term benefit of the GOP tax cut has already worn off.  
In the last jobs report before the midterm election, Americans can see the fundamental challenges facing our economy.  As we reach ninety-seven consecutive months of job growth, it is clear the economy is strong on many fronts.
Today’s announcement by the Trump Administration that the federal deficit rose 17% to reach $779 billion in fiscal year 2018 is the direct result of a Republican-led Congress and White House choosing to provide massive tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans.
We should all be encouraged by today’s report that our economy added 134,000 jobs in September. It is another sign of a sustained recovery that has added jobs every month for eight consecutive years.
The August jobs report continues to show an economy plagued by deep structural challenges, the result of which are stagnant wages, uncertainty for small businesses, and a generation of American workers unable to get ahead.
House Republicans could have worked with Democrats to pass a bipartisan Farm Bill that provides certainty for America’s farmers and supports programs that combat hunger.
On Monday, Americans will celebrate the workers’ rights victories that enabled generations of our people to make it in America.  Without the activism of organized labor and the perseverance of millions of workers, our nation would not have the most powerful economy in the world and sustain the growth of our middle class.
This morning’s monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to reveal structural problems negatively affecting workers, small businesses, and long-term economic growth.  
While Democrats support smart trade enforcement, President Trump’s ham-handed approach is hurting Americans instead. The New York Times has some helpful charts today that show just how much the President’s trade war is costing families across the country. Take a look:
In his inaugural address, the President promised the American people: “Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and American families… We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth. And we will bring back our dreams.”
Thank you, Jan, thank you Jan Schakowsky, a warrior for working people in our country, who stands up all the time, not just some times, not just in the sunshine, but all the time, even in the dark days on behalf of working men and women in this country, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.
We’re all for smart enforcement actions against unfair trade practices, but President Trump’s actions to date have completely missed the mark.
After having failed to pass their partisan Farm Bill last month, Republican leaders brought to the Floor a second time a bad bill that takes food assistance away from hungry families. 
This week, House Republicans brought two deeply flawed bills to the Floor. The first was their hypocritical rescissions package, which would rescind funding for priorities like children’s health in an attempt to look fiscally responsible.
Well, this headline from CNN sums up Republican priorities: slashing nutrition assistance programs that keep 40 million Americans from going hungry while opening new loopholes to benefit billionaires.