Tax and Appropriations

Tax and Appropriations Related
America's trade relationships and enforcement of fair trading rules will be crucial to ensuring that American businesses and workers can emerge from this pandemic with the tools necessary to compete, succeed, and prosper. 
Today, the House will complete work on another six appropriations bills, funding 96% of government for Fiscal Year 2021 and doing its job to avert a shutdown. 
This week, I was proud that the House passed legislation to protect Dreamers and those with temporary protected status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status.
After Democrats and Republicans in the Senate worked hard to secure bipartisan agreement on a package of emergency relief for Americans experiencing the aftermath of natural disasters, I am outraged that House Republicans chose to block its swift consideration today.
Friday's analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reveals Republicans' rescission argument for the charade it is.
I am disappointed that Chairman Conaway has chosen to mark up a partisan Farm Bill that includes severe cuts to nutrition assistance for Americans in need.
Republicans brought this 2,200-page omnibus bill to the Floor in less than twenty-four hours, violating every rule they've set for themselves and exemplifying the kind of hypocrisy they've demonstrated throughout their House Majority. 
I have been here for long enough to see my Republican colleagues bring to the Floor these bills and plop them down heavily on the table.
The proposal unveiled today by the Trump Administration is not a serious plan to fix crumbling roads, bridges, airports, seaports, and rail networks or to build the twenty-first century infrastructure needed to boost our economy. 
The President’s Budget for 2019 is a case study in Republicans’ reckless deficit expansion.
This weekend marked one year since President Donald Trump took office.
Republicans control all the levers of our government: the House, the Senate, and the presidency. 
All of you know Republicans control all the levers of government. They control the House, the control the Senate, they control the White House and, as Dick Durbin pointed out this morning, they control the Supreme Court.
Where is the man who said presidents have to lead?
Ladies and gentlemen of the House, we are confronting a very serious situation as all of us know.
[Republicans] have been kicking the can down the road too often. In September, all 183 Democrats that voted, voted to extend for 90 days the government funding so that we could negotiate and reach agreements.
Mr. Speaker, we are now four months into the fiscal year, and this is our fourth Continuing Resolution.  [Rep. Diaz-Balart] says now is the time to work things out. 
Despite being four months into the fiscal year, Republicans still have not worked with Democrats to reach an agreement to raise the spending caps and fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year. This week, Republicans will put forward yet another Continuing Resolution that kicks the can down the road for a fourth time this fiscal year.
Thank you, Chairman Collins and Ranking Member Slaughter.  I appreciate you holding this hearing today.
Remember when Speaker Ryan believed Congress has a “moral — and legal — obligation to propose and pass budgets?”
Yesterday, Republicans left town after once again kicking the can down the road and failing to address the priorities of the American people.
Thank you very much, Mrs. Lowey. Here we are again, Mr. Speaker.