Policy Aide

Policy Aide

Job Description: Majority Policy Aide for the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, House Natural Resources Committee  

The Policy Aide will be responsible for managing the logistics of hearings, providing administrative services to Members and staff, and assisting the Subcommittee or Office team with oversight, outreach, and press projects. The position requires strong organizational, time management, verbal, and written communications skills, as well as the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. The successful candidate demonstrates an awareness and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and orientations. The candidate also understands how the work of the Committee intersects with racism, economic, and social inequality in the U.S. and has a passion for working to dismantle these systems. In addition, the candidate contributes to recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Primary Responsibilities:

-         Serving as the face of the Subcommittee or Office by greeting visitors, taking calls, and scheduling meetings.

-         Contacting hearing witnesses and managing their hearing materials.

-         Preparing Member binders and press packets.

-         Coordinating with Member offices.

-         Circulating all hearing materials to Member staff prior to and after proceedings.

-         Preparing the Committee hearing room for proceedings.

-         Managing the administrative aspects of hearings.

-         Cleaning up the hearing room after proceedings.

-         Filing and archiving all materials from proceedings.

-         Coordinating schedules with the Subcommittee or Office Chair and the Chief Clerk.

-         Editing approved transcripts for final GPO print.

-         Assisting the Chief Clerk during Full Committee Markups, as needed.

Additional Responsibilities:

-         Coordinating with other Member offices, executive agencies, and private/non-profit sectors.

-         Coordinating with other Subcommittees, Offices, and the Full Committee, including the Communications team.

-         Assisting the Committee Staff Assistant with their duties.

-         Drafting, editing, and/or organizing Member memoranda.

-         Drafting, editing, and/or organizing Member speeches.

-         Drafting, editing, and/or organizing Member correspondence.

-         Drafting, editing, and/or organizing Committee document requests.

-         Holding meetings on behalf of Subcommittee or Office staff.

-         Assisting with Subcommittee, Office, and/or Full Committee oversight projects.

-         Coordinating and planning field hearing travel.

The position is based in Washington, D.C., although it is currently remote (telework). The Policy Aide will be expected to work in office when we resume normal operations. Women, LGBTQIA+, and racial/ethnic minority candidates are encouraged to apply. All applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, disability, or age.

To apply, please fill out this form and send cover letter, resume, and two writing samples to NRDems.resumes@mail.house.gov with “Oversight Policy Aide” as the subject line.


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