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Press Release | October 7, 2015

The House Helps Homebuyers

There is something truly American about being able to buy a home and make your own life, and government should never hinder that dream.

Blog | October 7, 2015

Vetoing National Defense is Dangerous and Wrong

The President is putting politics above our troops with this veto threat, refusing to act responsibly by doing his job to provide for the common defense. This puts our country at risk, and it’s wrong.

Blog | October 7, 2015

President Obama Wants to Lift Iran’s Oil Export Ban but Keep America’s

If the oil embargo is lifted, Iran will see more money flowing in and be able to exert more influence abroad. But the President hasn’t been as kind to the American people.

Blog | October 5, 2015

This week in the House: Making the American Dream Easier For All to Achieve

Republicans in Congress stand united in a common goal. Our focus has always been on improving the lives for all Americans, whether it’s with lower energy bills or clearing regulatory obstacles to owning a home.

Press Release | October 5, 2015

Congress Will Thoroughly Review TPP

I will be discussing this agreement with my constituents and Congressional colleagues to ensure that it lives up to the high standards of a 21st century trade agreement that safeguards and promotes innovation, expands access for agricultural producers, and ensures that US standards and protections are upheld.

Blog | October 2, 2015

Building America’s Energy Renaissance Part 2: Strengthening Our Allies Abroad

The American energy renaissance isn’t just a boon for the economy at home. It also helps our allies resist aggression and makes space for a more secure and peaceful world.

Blog | October 2, 2015

Building America’s Energy Renaissance Part 1: Strong and Prosperous Communities

This blog is part one of a two part series titled “Building on America’s Energy Renaissance.” As Leader McCarthy announced in Houston a few weeks back, the House will vote to lift the ban on exporting crude oil. This is important because lifting the ban will grow our economy and bolster our geopolitical standing. And…

Press Release | October 2, 2015

Leader McCarthy Statement on September Jobs Report

For six years now, the American people have been wondering when they will see a change in an economy that underperforms and discourages opportunity.

Press Release | October 1, 2015

House Passes Defense Authorization

National defense is the primary purpose of the federal government, and this bill authorizes the funding to make sure our country is safe, our troops are provided for, and that taxpayer money is being used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Press Release | October 1, 2015

EPA’s Ozone Rule Is All Pain For Little Gain

With each new rule, it seems like nothing will stop the EPA from its attempts to destroy jobs, drag down our economy, and impose its centralized standards despite opposition around the country.