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Blog | April 17, 2015

The First 100 Days

In 100 days, the House passed dozens of bills to support North American energy independence, reduce the tax burden on the American people, grow our economy, reform the out of control bureaucracy, and so much more. Committees have been at work crafting the solutions for a changing future, the House has been moving bills to the

Blog | April 17, 2015

PHOTO ESSAY: California’s Drought Hurts Communities

California is suffering through one of the worst droughts in its history and some communities throughout the Central Valley have been devastated by its impacts.

Press Release | April 16, 2015

Free Trade Helps Strengthen America’s Economy

Today Congress has begun the process to increase trade with our allies and give our economy new avenues for growth. This strong TPA legislation ensures additional transparency and accountability by the Administration, as is essential for ensuring that America gets the best trade deal.

Press Release | April 16, 2015

House Votes to Stop Washington from Taxing Death

We should never let the tragic loss of a loved one be compounded by years of added hardship from a government that treats death as a taxable event.

Press Release | April 15, 2015

150 Years Later, Leader McCarthy Remembers President Lincoln on the House Floor

At 7:22 this morning, one hundred and fifty years ago, we lost one of the greatest leaders of our nation, President Abraham Lincoln.

Press Release | April 15, 2015

Leader McCarthy Welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister to the Capitol

Majority Leader McCarthy today welcomed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and a delegation of senior Iraqi officials to the Capitol.

Press Release | April 14, 2015

Congress Reforms Entitlements and Ends a Major Cliff

Congress came together in a bipartisan and bicameral way to enact the first real reform to entitlements in decades, and I think this is a sign of what’s to come.

Press Release | April 14, 2015

Cuba Has Not Changed

Delisting the Castro regime is yet another manifestation of the Administration’s questionable policy of accommodation towards America’s adversaries.

Press Release | April 14, 2015

Leader McCarthy: We Must Help Americans Achieve Financial Independence

Today Majority Leader McCarthy spoke on the House floor in favor of H.R. 685, the Mortgage Choice Act, and other bills from the House Financial Services Committee to help Americans achieve financial independence.

Blog | April 14, 2015

A Western Agenda in Congress this Week

Our western states were born on the backs and in the minds of pioneers that represent all that is great in our nation. The House is focused on ensuring that Washington understands American greatness rests with the American people, not bureaucrats in DC.