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Blog | November 24, 2015

Let’s Get Serious

If the President really cared about reducing emissions without wrapping weights around the neck of our economy, he wouldn’t be pushing costly regulations. Instead, he would embrace the hydraulic fracturing revolution produced largely by the free market.

Blog | November 22, 2015

Democrats Raise Concern Over President Obama’s Lack of Strategy to Defeat ISIS

The President needs to face reality and create a strategy that will actually defeat and destroy ISIS instead of letting the threat of terrorism around the globe grow. American security and global stability depend upon strong American leadership.

Press Release | November 19, 2015

The House Puts America’s Safety First

But being generous does not mean we have to have a weak screening process for refugees, especially for those coming from Iraq and Syria where we know people are there who seek to do us harm are looking to exploit a weak process.

Press Release | November 19, 2015

We Need Fed Reform for a Stronger Economy

The Federal Reserve must be held to the highest standards possible. Its current lack of transparency and accountability, coupled with the unpredictability of its policies, has failed to set the foundations of a thriving economy.

Press Release | November 18, 2015

Leader McCarthy on the Obama Administration’s Decision to Keep Guantanamo Bay Open

Today’s official announcement marks this Administration’s simple realization that, despite its record, cannot govern by fiat.

Press Release | November 18, 2015

The House Defends the American Dream from Regulatory Overreach

The American people, along with their community banks and credit unions, should decide on their best financing options, not government bureaucrats.

Blog | November 18, 2015

Keeping America Safe

The President needs to change his strategy and lead. Nothing can replace a winning strategy led by a committed commander-in-chief. However, Congress will do everything in its power to ensure the American people stay safe and address the threats facing our nation.

Press Release | November 17, 2015

Tribes Should Be Able to Set Their Own Labor Rules

Despite years of precedent allowing tribes to set their own labor policies on their own land, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has chosen—once again—to overstep its authority in its attempts to claim jurisdiction over Native American tribes.

Press Release | November 17, 2015

ISIS Must Be Defeated, Not Contained

This is not a time to find containment. It’s a time to defeat ISIS. That’s why when the Speaker and I spoke this weekend, we put together a task force. It is a task force made up of the chairmen on counter-terrorism and homeland security to come up with short and long-term solutions.

Press Release | November 16, 2015

The Future of Space Exploration is Now

Upon the firm foundation of the SPACE Act, the commercial space industry will lead us far. Our limits are only bounded by what we can imagine as we continue our journey to the stars.