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Blog | May 22, 2015

Another Strong Week in the House

The House continued to move forward this week, passing several major bills to boost innovation, appropriate funding, and secure American leadership in space.

Blog | May 22, 2015

My Evening with the Marine Corps

The men and women of the Maine Corps put their lives on the line every day to protect us in an increasingly dangerous world. In honor of Memorial Day, it is important that everyone take a moment to thank those who have given so much in defense of freedom.

Press Release | May 21, 2015

Commercial Space Shows American Exceptionalism

Right now, there is a new generation of pioneers. They want to embark on the next stage of space exploration, and we should not hold them back.

Blog | May 21, 2015

GRAPHIC: A Quick History of American Space Innovation

Today the House will vote on H.R. 2262, the Spurring Private Aerospace Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship (SPACE) Act, a bill that would facilitate a pro-growth environment for the developing commercial space industry.

Press Release | May 21, 2015

America Must Continue to Lead in Space Exploration

Do we concede our future to one of managed decline where others lead, or do we make a future where America and her people guide us in our journey to the stars?

Press Release | May 20, 2015

Research and Development Harnesses America’s Spirit of Innovation

When Ronald Reagan first signed the R&D tax credit into law, he knew it would grow our economy and make America strong because it put our faith in this country’s greatest asset: the people.

Press Release | May 20, 2015

Refocusing on the Research that Really Helps

In order to maintain our position as the global leader in the 21st century, we must continue to push boundaries, innovate, and move forward. Innovation truly is the story of America’s great rise and the reason for our continued success.

Press Release | May 20, 2015

Research and Development Harnesses America’s Spirit of Innovation

Today we are voting to make this tax credit permanent. I think that’s very good policy. I also think it shows what our values are. It shows that it’s everyday heroes who can lead to the future of tomorrow.

Blog | May 20, 2015


Today the House will vote on H.R. 1806, the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2015. This fiscally responsible bill establishes the priority of basic research in the core physical sciences at the nation's civilian science agencies.

Press Release | May 19, 2015

House Votes to Keep Itself on a Fiscally Responsible Track

The House voted to continue Congress's freeze that has been in place since 2010 and made sure to stop any added funding for the legislative branch, putting us on a fiscally-responsible track to save even more money for the taxpayers