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Blog | April 24, 2015

Next Week: House to Start Appropriations the Earliest Since 1974

For years, Washington has abdicated its duty to responsibly appropriate funding. With House Republican leadership and a new Republican Senate, Congress can finally work on this process the way it was meant to be done.

Blog | April 23, 2015

The VA Slow Walks Reform

Findings from the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs indicate that the VA hasn’t fired a single employee for wait time manipulations.

Press Release | April 23, 2015

House Passes Pro-Security, Pro-Privacy Cyber Bill

We need pro-security, pro-privacy legislation that facilitates voluntary information sharing between the private sector and the government, while respecting our civil liberties. I’m proud to say that today’s bill does just that.

Blog | April 23, 2015

Two Kevins from Bakersfield

This week I had the honor of welcoming the 2014 Sprint Series Cup Champion—and Bakerfield's own—Kevin Harvick and his wife DeLana to the U.S. Capitol.

Blog | April 22, 2015

100 Days Analytics

The House has passed dozens of bills to increase tax freedom, move closer to North American Energy independence, grow small businesses, fight human trafficking, support our veterans, and so much more.

Press Release | April 22, 2015

House Passes a 21st Century Cybersecurity Bill

Over the past two Congresses, the House has tried to get bills like this signed into law only to have them blocked by a Democrat-controlled Senate. I’m happy to see that—after so many high profile attacks—this isn’t a partisan issue anymore.

Press Release | April 22, 2015

House Committee Directs Action on California Water

Californians cannot wait as Washington drags its feet on these water projects. I applaud David for his proactive and positive leadership on solutions to our water crisis.

Blog | April 22, 2015

McCarthy in Milken: A Foundation for U.S. Innovation

Innovation is the story of America’s great rise and the reason for its continued success. With commitment to policies that enable and promote innovation, our future will be even brighter than our past.

Blog | April 22, 2015

Cybersecurity for the 21st Century

The House has been leading on this issue for years, bringing our digital defenses to the 21st century by strengthening cybersecurity and fostering greater information sharing.

Blog | April 17, 2015

The First 100 Days

In 100 days, the House passed dozens of bills to support North American energy independence, reduce the tax burden on the American people, grow our economy, reform the out of control bureaucracy, and so much more. Committees have been at work crafting the solutions for a changing future, the House has been moving bills to the