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Press Release | March 30, 2015

Leader McCarthy Meets with Ukrainian Leaders in Kiev

Having visited Ukraine and spoken to Ukraine’s leaders, I am even more convinced that the United States, our European allies, and the entire free world have a profound interest in standing with the Ukrainian people in their time of need.

Press Release | March 30, 2015

Leader McCarthy and Congressional Delegation Lay Wreath at the Bardo National Museum

Majority Leader McCarthy led a Congressional delegation to Tunisia where they visited and laid a wreath in solidarity with the Tunisian people and in remembrance of the innocent lives that were taken by terrorists during an attack at the Bardo National Museum.

Press Release | March 26, 2015

House Takes Important Step to Save Medicare

Leader McCarthy spoke on the House floor today in favor of a bipartisan bill to end the “doc fix” and take a first step toward Medicare reform.

Press Release | March 25, 2015

Leader McCarthy: Republican Budget is a Vision for the Future

Today, the House will adopt a budget. A budget is a vision for the future. And Republicans are making our vision very clear. In our vision, Washington lives within its means.

Press Release | March 24, 2015

McCarthy Statement on VA’s decision to relax 40-mile rule for private medical care

After pressure from Congress, the VA smartly made the commonsense adjustments to open the program for many vets that live in our community, and communities across the country, that face long distances to receive VA care.

Press Release | March 24, 2015

House Budget Sets Vision for America’s Future

There's a lot that happens in this House that shows contrast, but there's no greater contrast than this week. A budget is your vision, it's your desire for the future, and it shows a contrast between Republicans and Democrats.

Press Release | March 23, 2015

The House Urges President Obama to Aid Ukraine

Today, the House passed House Resolution 162, a resolution expressing a strong, bipartisan call for the Obama Administration to assist the government of Ukraine in resisting the illegal invasion and occupation of Ukrainian territory by the Russian government and Russian-backed separatists.

Press Release | March 23, 2015

Another Unhappy Obamacare Anniversary

There's a simple lesson for Washington to learn here: you should never force an unworkable system on unwilling people.

Blog | March 23, 2015

5 Years & 5 Broken Promises

It’s been 5 years since Obamacare came into our lives. We can’t exactly say we’re better off. What we can say is that Obamacare has left a trail of broken promises in its wake.

Press Release | March 20, 2015

McCarthy Statement on Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation

If it’s Friday, the Obama Administration is sure to release yet another regulation. Today, its eye is set on American innovation and all the good it brings to the American people.