Tuesday, May 6th

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On Tuesday, the House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for morning hour and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. Votes will be postponed until 6:30 p.m.

One Minute Speeches

Legislation Considered Under Suspension of the Rules:

1) H.R. 3584 – The Capital Access for Small Community Financial Institutions Act of 2013, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Steve Stivers / Financial Services Committee)

2) H.R. 2672 – CFPB Rural Designation Petition and Correction, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Andy Barr / Financial Services Committee)

3) H.R. 4386 – Money Remittance Improvement Act of 2013 (Sponsored by Rep. Keith Ellison / Financial Services Committee)

4) H.R. 3329 – To enhance the ability of community financial institutions to foster economic growth and serve their communities, boost small businesses, increase individual savings, and for other purposes (Sponsored by Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer / Financial Services Committee)

5) H.R. 3468 – The Credit Union Share Fund Insurance Parity Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Ed Royce / Financial Services Committee)

6) H.R. 2919 – The Open Book on Equal Access to Justice Act (Sponsored by Rep. Cynthia Lummis / Judiciary Committee)

7) H.R. 4292 – The Foreign Cultural Exchange Jurisdictional Immunity Clarification Act (Sponsored by Rep. Steve Chabot / Judiciary Committee)

Special Order Speeches

Rules Committee meeting on “H.R. 4438, American Research and Competitiveness Act; H.Res. 565 – Appointing a Special Counsel to Investigate the IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups; H.Res. __ – Lois. G. Lerner, Contempt of Congress” (Tuesday, May 6th, at 5:00 p.m.)