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Scalise: Republicans Won't Allow Dems' Reckless Spending to Continue

  • 1.22.23 Sunday Morning Futures
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures to discuss how House Republicans are committed to reversing President Biden’s inflation, border, and energy crises. Leader Scalise slammed Democrats for their drunken spending spree that has raised prices and called out President Biden for refusing to negotiate with House Republicans to curb his administration’s wasteful spending. Additionally, Leader Scalise slammed Democrats for their hypocritical climate policies and for making the United States more reliant on foreign countries for oil instead of producing cleaner energy in America.   
Click here or on the image above to view the interview.
Highlights from the interview: On President Biden’s self-made border crisis: “You're going to see Republicans bring bills through the House to actually secure America's border. I hope we get Senator Manchin and other Democrat senators who have blocked any attempt to secure the border because we're going to be sending a package of bills to secure the border to get control of this problem. 
“I mean, you talked about the people on the Terrorist Watch List. Those are just the ones we've caught. How many have come across that we don't even know about? And we're seeing, by the way, not just countries from the southern border – we're seeing countries from all around the world, over 150 countries, coming across our southern border because [President] Biden opened it up. He could close it on his own. He won't. We're going to bring legislation to show the country how to fix this problem. Let's get the Senate engaged so they can pass that bill to the President.” On the need to get the United States’ debt under control: “If you look, for the last two years, [President] Biden has gone on a spending spree the likes our country has never seen before. Drunken sailors would ask not to be associated with the level of spending you've seen out of Washington.  “And so, what happened is the credit cards are maxed out. That's basically how you hit the debt ceiling. It's the ability to print more money and that expires when you hit the debt ceiling. And so the only way to address it is to control spending or to increase the debt ceiling or a combination of the two, but you can't just keep increasing the debt limit and let President Biden keep spending like he's done. It’s not [sustainable] for future generations. Our country can't handle that.  “So, we've got to get control over spending as we're having this conversation, and [President] Biden's got to recognize this right now. He's living in denial. He's used to, you know, Speaker Pelosi just giving him another trillion dollars every other week. That's not going to work. We're not going to do that. So he's got to get control over spending.  “And by the way, that's what is the lead driver of inflation that's crushing hardworking families. So we've got to stand up for those families who are struggling across America because of the mountains of debt and spending that [President] Biden has exercised these last two years.” On the Democrats’ radical climate agenda: “You think about this: They've been wrecking economies all over the world. I mean, they fly to Davos, and what's the carbon footprint, by the way, of all these global elitist liberals flying in their private jets to Davos to tell you to change your lifestyle? And then they want to go after industries – they want to kill the oil and gas industry. By the way, did they have solar panels on the wings of their airplanes when they flew to Davos? No, they use jet fuel. Yet, they want to kill these industries.  “And all they're doing is empowering foreign countries. They're making our country more reliant on foreign countries, whether it's OPEC nations, Russia, [or] Iran. Why would we be doing that when, if you want to save the planet, make more things in America? We do it better than anybody else in the world. They need to start recognizing that, drop all this woke agenda that's killing Americans, and by the way, it's raising prices on those lowest income Americans who can least afford it. “This idea of this woke America. I think people are rejecting it. People are fed up with it, and they see that it's raising their costs on everything from electricity in their house, not only gas at the pump, but everything they buy, and all just to push jobs to China who's building a new coal plant every single week. This is lunacy. It's got to end, and we're going to be putting scrutiny on it."