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The Leader’s Floor Lookout: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Here’s what to watch for on the House Floor today:

Restoring Individual Liberty
No American should be forced to choose between getting the COVID vaccine or losing their job.

Last Congress, Republicans led the fight against President Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate on our health care workers.

The Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate exacerbated the shortage of health care workers and threatened the American people’s access to quality and timely care.

Congressman Jeff Duncan’s legislation, H.R. 497, the Freedom for Health Care Workers Act, ends the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on certain workers at health care facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
House Republicans will continue fighting until the Biden Administration’s vaccine requirement is lifted and health care workers have more control over their own lives.

Returning to Pre-Pandemic Life
Last night, President Biden caved to House Republicans. 

On Friday, January 27, Majority Leader Steve Scalise announced that House Republicans would bring up legislation for a vote to immediately repeal the Public Health Emergency for COVID-19. 

On Monday, January 30, President Biden informed Congress that he would end the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency on May 11, 2023. 

Congressman Brett Guthrie’s legislation, H.R. 382, the Pandemic is Over Act, will officially end the COVID-19 public health emergency and President Biden’s abuse of certain emergency powers.

Make no mistake: it’s time to return to normal and end the COVID-19 public health emergency.