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The Leader’s Floor Lookout: Week of March 27, 2023

Here’s what to watch for on the House Floor this week:

Unleashing American Energy and Lowering Costs for Families 

American families continue to struggle under rising costs due to the Biden Administration’s war on American energy.

Instead of producing cleaner energy in the United States, President Biden shuts down pipelines in America while turning to authoritarian countries for oil, putting our national security at risk.

President Biden's Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm went so far as to say the United States should learn from China, one of the world's worst polluters and flagrant human rights abuser.

Meanwhile, every day Americans are paying more at the pump, at the grocery store, and in their electricity bills, as they suffer under the mounting inflation caused by Democrats’ runaway spending. 

Americans are fed up with President Biden's radical energy policies and woke climate agenda.

House Republicans have a plan to lower energy costs by:
  1. Increasing domestic energy production
  2. Reforming the permitting process for all industries
  3. Reversing anti-energy policies advanced by the Biden Administration
  4. Streamlining energy infrastructure and exports
  5. Boosting the production and processing of critical minerals
H.R.1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, reduces expenses across the board for American families by unleashing American energy and restoring our energy independence.

Republicans have made energy security and lower costs our number one priority this Congress, standing up for all Americans, their hard-earned money, and their ability to provide for their families. Now, Democrats will have to go on-the-record: will they stand with American families and vote with us to lower energy costs, or will they continue their anti-American energy crusade? 
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