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Scalise: House Republicans Will Halt the Flow of Fentanyl

  • 5.23.23 Scalise at Doc Caucus
Today, Leader Scalise joined Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), and Members of the House Republican Doctors Caucus including Congressman Michael Burgess (R-Texas), Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), Congressman Greg Murphy (R-N.C.), Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa), Congressman Andy Harris (R-Md.), and Congressman John Joyce (R-Pa.) to express his support of H.R. 467, the HALT Fentanyl Act, and slam the Biden Administration for refusing to address the flow of fentanyl across the southern border.   

Click here or on the image above to view Leader Scalise’s remarks.

Highlights from Leader Scalise’s remarks:

“I'm proud to stand here with our Conference Chair, Elise Stefanik, and members of the Doctors Caucus to talk about the importance of us passing the HALT Fentanyl Act. This is a bill that has bipartisan support, but a bill that is critically important in our fight to stop the flow of this deadly drug and its synthetics into the United States."


It's happening because there's an open southern border where the Chinese are making this drug, they're sending it to Mexico, and they're bringing it into the United States in record numbers, killing over 100,000 young people last year. And again [hundreds] every day [are] still dying, and this President refuses to take action. Well, this Congress is taking action. We're going to bring this bill to the Floor on Thursday and pass it. I believe there'll be a strong bipartisan vote.

“But this is a bill that President Biden should be supporting from the beginning, but it's also an issue 
 fentanyl in our country  that President Biden should be confronting right now. He can do it on his own, just by securing the southern border and stopping the drug cartels from being able to have operational control to bring this deadly drug into our country. So we're going to continue to stand up for those families who are sick and tired of having their sons and daughters not wake up  never to wake up again  because they took a pill, and next thing you know, they're dead. They're dead. 

“It's happening every day in every community in America, and it shouldn't be happening, and we're doing something about it.”