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The Leader’s Floor Lookout: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Here’s what to watch for on the House Floor today:
Denouncing Biden’s Veto of Legislation Prioritizing American Manufacturers Over Chinese Interests

Democrats’ radical ‘Green New Deal’ agenda continues to put China above American manufacturers. 

President Biden’s June 2022 Emergency Proclamation allows imports of Chinese solar products with no additional tariffs for two years, guaranteeing unfair import competition for American solar manufacturers. 

Under this proclamation, Chinese companies can circumvent tariffs, and any tariffs imposed as punishment wouldn’t go into effect. They need to be held accountable for trade cheating that kills competition.

Rep. Bill Posey’s legislation, H.J. Res. 39, would prevent the Commerce Department from implementing their final rule that would disadvantage American solar manufacturers while enriching China. Under the Biden rule, our domestic solar energy supply chain will become more reliant on Chinese manufacturers that are exploiting loopholes in our trade laws.

This legislation passed both the House and the Senate with bipartisan support, and still President Biden chose to protect the interests of China over American manufacturers by vetoing it. 

House Republicans won’t stop fighting to ensure American manufacturers compete on the fair playing field they deserve.

Stopping Biden’s Unconstitutional Student Loan Bailout

President Biden is putting hardworking taxpayers on the hook for unpaid student loans through unconstitutional overreach of the executive branch.

In August, President Biden revealed his plan to ‘cancel’ student debt for people making under $125,000 – a plan that is estimated to cost American taxpayers $400 billion, in addition to $195 billion from a repayment pause and $230 billion for the Administration’s Income-Driven Repayment plan.

This plan doesn’t ‘cancel’ anything. It forces American taxpayers who never took out loans or paid them off to pay off debt held by about 13% of the population who took out federal loans. 

Not only does this shift costs to taxpayers, but the Biden Administration’s so-called ‘authority’ to transfer this debt is completely unconstitutional. Six states are challenging President Biden’s student loan cancellation before the Supreme Court.

H.J. Res. 45, introduced by Rep. Bob Good, revokes the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional claim to have the authority to forgive loans and ends the pause on student loan repayment, saving taxpayers money. 

President Biden’s plan is a slap in the face to the Americans who have paid their debts and a massive overreach of executive power. House Republicans will always stand up for hardworking taxpayers.