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The Leader’s Floor Lookout: Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Here’s what to watch for on the House Floor today:
Denouncing Biden’s Burdensome Trucking Emissions Rule

Once again, Democrats are putting their ‘Green New Deal’ agenda above the livelihoods of hardworking Americans – this time, going after small business truckers. 

In December, Biden’s EPA finalized a nitrogen oxide (NOx) rule that requires big rigs to meet extreme emission reductions standards starting in 2027, driving small truck drivers off the road and out of business.

Though Democrats claim this will help the environment, manufacturers say that reducing NOx emissions from engines often results in increased CO2 emissions. In addition, the rule creates incentives for truck operators to use older vehicles with higher emissions for longer.

In the midst of record high inflation and supply chain chaos, the Biden EPA’s burdensome rule would only make things worse by significantly increasing trucking costs and destroying jobs. 

All this adds up to the American people paying even more money for the things they need to be transported to them, for the sake of Democrats’ woke and misguided ‘Green New Deal’ agenda.

Sen. Deb Fischer’s legislation, S.J. Res. 11, would reverse the Biden EPA’s new burdensome trucking regulations, protecting small business truckers and preventing more inflation and supply chain issues.

Truckers are the heartbeat of America. House Republicans are standing with our nation’s truck drivers against burdensome regulations that will fuel inflation and further damage our supply chain.