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Scalise Discusses Weaponization of Government on Mark Levin Show

  • 8.15.23 Scalise on Mark Levin Show
Yesterday, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined The Mark Levin Show to discuss the latest sham indictment against Donald Trump and Democrats’ attempts to weaponize federal agencies against political opponents. Leader Scalise also discussed House Republicans’ ongoing investigations into Hunter Biden’s criminal activities as the White House attempts to conceal President Biden’s own involvement. Leader Scalise condemned the efforts of the Biden Administration to use the Department of Justice to target and suppress political rivals.
Click here or the image above to listen to the full interview.

On the indictments of Donald Trump: 

“It's great to be back with you, and I think, like a lot of Americans, they're looking at this. They're disgusted. They hate seeing agencies – that are supposed to be pure law [enforcement] agencies – being abused to go after political opponents, and look, the American people are seeing through this. I mean, I've seen national polling where people now, even with the mainstream media going after Trump every day [and] barely covering all of the things we've been exposing on the Biden crime family syndicate. People are seeing this. They're figuring [it] out in other ways, and they recognize that what they're doing to go after Donald Trump is purely political. 

Seems like every day either we have a bombshell hearing in D.C. against a Biden family member. It's like you can set your clock, within two days, indictments come down against Trump. Maybe a poll comes out showing Trump doing even better, you know, beating [President] Biden in a head-to-head matchup and they go after Trump. Some of these prosecutors, you know – look at what happened yesterday in Georgia. [Fulton County district attorney Fani] Willis is actually raising money off of the idea of going after Trump. It's on her website. She literally put up on her website – a few days ago – a headline that, among other things, bragged that she was going after the former President, and using that to raise money which undermines all the credibility. People see through this, but they're disgusted by it Mark.

On Democrats’ efforts to manipulate the justice system:

“You know, they're scared to death of losing power. We saw this during COVID. It wasn't about the science. So much is coming out now to expose how they manipulated the science to keep kids out of school because they just wanted control to tag parents as 'domestic terrorists.' And it was coming from within the [Federal Bureau of Investigation] and some of these agencies, and it all got exposed. A lot of this got exposed because when we got the majority, we got subpoena power. You know, you have [House Judiciary Committee Chairman] Jordan out there. You have [House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman] Comer and his [House Oversight and Reform Committee] out there – everyday – relentlessly going after the truth. 

“But what we saw – and I was surprised at how much this has come our way – whistleblowers are stepping forward, Mark, at levels I've never seen. Some that are career bureaucrats in Washington, who will admit they're Democrats. Lifelong Democrats. They're disgusted by – one of our [Internal Revenue Service] whistleblowers, said he's a Democrat – that he's disgusted by them abusing these agencies to go after their political enemies. And so we’re able to uncover a lot of stuff. A lot more is coming, but yet people are watching it going, ‘When is this going to end? When is real accountability going to happen?’ And we've got to keep pushing for that.”

On demands for accountability:

“Well look at Georgia. Bringing this up. Stacey Abrams. It wasn't – what – five years ago that she got defeated by [Governor Brian] Kemp for governor, and she went and did a national TV circuit raising money talking about how the election was stolen. Where were the charges against her in Atlanta? Where's Willis? Is Willis ready to leak that out there, too? I don't see it. But you know, actually, I think you saw what I saw, that Charlie Kirk article that we're really talking about an interesting point. You've got a lot of Republican attorneys general. You know, they can do some of the same things we're seeing here and frankly, they've encouraged this by saying, ‘Okay, there [are] crimes that were committed by a lot of high profile Democrats, from the Bidens on down,’ in states and there are Republican attorney generals in some of those states, too. 

You know, we're going to keep getting facts out, you know, and you see, you know, what, [House Judiciary Committee Chairman] Jordan's committee as this thing moves closer to impeachment inquiry, because all of the facts that we've gotten out [have] actually forced the White House to change their tune. Remember for months – I mean months – [White House Press Secretary] Karine Jean-Pierre would sit up there at the podium and you know, and say, ‘Oh, don't worry,’ tell them this false statement that President Biden never talked about business dealings with Hunter. They said that over and over and over again, until we just proved it with some of Hunter Biden's associates, who said, ‘Not only did he do it, he did it over 20 times.’ He was doing phone calls, he was going to dinner with some of them. And then, lo and behold, the White House changes its tune just a few days ago and said, ‘He was never in business.’ That's a huge change, and the reason that change happened is because we had hearings that brought these whistleblowers forward, who countered what the White House was saying. 

The White House is flat-out lying to the American people, and now there are people in these agencies, and the people who were in business with Hunter Biden, exposing the facts. There are more of those people that are coming forward and we're going to continue – even during this break in August – to have those hearings and bring those whistleblowers forward. Who knows what they'll do, you know, they'll go throw more stuff at Trump to try to divert you away from it, but people are watching this. People have figured out how to get this information even – I mean, frankly, the mainstream media is actually starting to cover some of it, not nearly to the degree that they go after Trump, but even they can avoid some of this stuff because it's so bad.”

On Attorney General Merrick Garland:

“No, and remember that this was the guy that [President] Obama presented as this great moderate to replace [Supreme Court Justice] Scalia on the bench for God's sake. [Attorney General] Garland was going to be the moderate to replace [Justice] Scalia. Don't forget that and thank God that didn't happen and Donald Trump, when he ran he put that list together and then just went down the line with great conservative justices. Constitutional justices.”

On retribution from the Department of Justice: 

“Oh, there's clearly a lot of retribution. They hate Donald Trump for a lot of reasons and they sure don't want him to come back and they're doing everything to stop him. And it's, frankly, galvanizing people more towards Trump right now.”