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  • PLAY Scalise on MBWS 8.18.23
Yesterday, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) appeared on Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street to discuss scandalous new evidence of President Biden’s direct interactions with Hunter Biden’s foreign business associates, despite continued denials of such activity by the White House. Evidence recently unveiled by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee shows President Biden used pseudonyms in emails where Hunter was copied. Leader Scalise also discussed ongoing efforts to pass key funding bills that rein in the Biden Administration’s out-of-control spending and promote fiscal responsibility. 
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On allegations of President Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s foreign business dealings: 

“Maria, a lot’s unknown on this still. You know, it was [House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman] Comer’s [House Oversight and Reform Committee] that just uncovered it. We've been sending a lot of letters to a lot of agencies to get information. We’ve had whistleblowers, of course, come forward with some real bombshells that have created more stirs and actually caused the White House to change their tune on things.

“Remember, you know, in the early days for months, [White House Press Secretary] Karine Jean-Pierre said, ‘Oh, no, [President Biden] never talked about business with Hunter. Never.’ And she said it over and over and over again, until we [had] whistleblowers come forward and [say], ‘Not only did he talk business with Hunter, he went to dinners and lunches and coffees with the business people that he was dealing with, and including foreign governments.’

“And then the next day, mysteriously, the White House changed [its] tune and said, ‘Well, he wasn't in business,’ and so I think you're going to sit on the pseudonym, why would a President of the United States — in this case, when [President] Biden was Vice President of the United States — have fake names that he was using on his documents? We uncovered this, just recently, going through some of our back-and-forth with the National Archives. And again, [House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman] Comer’s committee has been digging to get this information now that we have it. And I think that they deliberately set it up to make it harder for you, me, the media, [and] the Congress to find out any of this information. Well we’re now finding it out and, as we find it out, we're going to go back and look under more pseudonyms, look under this pseudonym, but it begs the question: Why did [President] Biden use fake names? We know he used fake companies, all the shell corporations.

“A ‘shell corporation’ is a fancy term for a fake corporation, and he was using dozens of them to hide over 20 million dollars of payments to his family. Not just Hunter Biden, his whole family. So there's a lot of dirty-smelling corruption around all of this. And we're gonna keep digging.

“We've got the Attorney General coming before [House Judiciary Committee Chairman] Jordan's committee on September 20, and I think a lot of people are going to be interested in what he has to say. We have subpoenas out to a number of other [Federal Bureau of Investigation] agents, but we still have more whistleblowers coming forward, Maria, and they're the ones that have really given us the true background, because as we're hearing one side of a story from some of these federal agencies, the whistleblowers are telling us a different tune. And then when we get people under oath, and we confront them with what the whistleblower said, they change their tune. 

“Everybody's changing their story. The White House is, some of these federal agencies are. You know who is not changing their story? The whistleblowers, Maria.”

On supporting an impeachment inquiry of President Biden:

“[Yes] and if you look at this, you know I've been talking to [House Judiciary Committee] Jordan a lot about this, because ultimately we go through his committee — the Judiciary Committee — because every time we find something, it leads to more serious questions.”

On funding the federal government:

“We're going to take care of our responsibility to properly fund the government, but also to scrutinize this government. There's a lot of scrutiny that needs to happen with the trillions of dollars that have gone out the door — some of it fraudulently where [President] Biden doesn't even care.

We've highlighted it. Fraudulent payments — in some cases — going to foreign countries and they don't even care. This is your taxpayer money going to illegals going to foreign countries, and yet they want to just keep blowing up money out of the door. So we're going after that, too, in these appropriations bills.”

On President Biden’s request for billions of dollars in supplemental funding: 

“Why doesn't he take it — by the way — from some of the illegal payments that we've identified. COVID money that was supposed to be for people suffering from COVID, small business owners trying to keep their workers on the payroll. And instead, some of that money went to foreign countries. Some of that money went to people here illegally, and we've highlighted it, and the Biden Administration doesn't care. They won't go after any of this. They won't work with us to go and claw that money back. The taxpayers deserve that money back. So if he wants to look for a place to find the money, there's one place right there Maria.”

On possible continuing resolutions:

“Well, we still have a few weeks left when we return in September to try to get agreements. There are some negotiations going on right now even though we're not in DC. We're negotiating on some of the bills we passed out of committee. If the Democrats want to work with us on reining in government spending — and on getting some of these federal agencies under control, [which] are out of control — then we have an opportunity to get some of that done right now. If they want to defend the status quo, we’re going to have a big fight coming in a few weeks.