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Scalise: Left Refuses to Acknowledge Its Own Climate Hypocrisy

  • PLAY Scalise on Kudlow 8.21.23
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) appeared on Fox Business Network’s Kudlow to discuss the Biden Administration’s halfhearted reaction to wildfires in Maui, which claimed over 100 lives and caused billions of dollars in damage. Leader Scalise slammed woke regulators who are funneling money into expensive, ineffective green energy options instead of maintaining safe and proven safety measures. Leader Scalise also discussed the widespread climate hypocrisy within the Biden Administration, which greenlights travel on private jets for Administration officials while pushing policies that raise costs for American families across the board.  
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On the Maui wildfires:

“Larry, unfortunately, we've seen this show before. First of all, it's great to be with you but it's a tragedy that — like so many — really shouldn't have happened and so your heart goes out to those families. But you know, when you watched in the hours — as we were trying to figure out how many people lost their lives — just what kind of damage happened, you saw the Left immediately saying, ‘This is all about climate change and global warming’ and all their crazy ideas.

“They want to blame everything on their proposed solution and decided that is wrecking the American economy. And they did this to the power company. They mandated all of these zero-emissions [policies], everything has to be renewable. So the power company talked about — years ago, you know — they need to do a better job of maintaining their grid and clearing the underbrush. And by the way, the environmentalists won't let them clear the underbrush. You see this in wildfires in California [and] other places where they won't let them clear underbrush, which we know — if you leave it unattended — will cause wildfires that shouldn't happen if you're just cleaning it out on a regular basis, but environmentalists stop you from doing it. And they cite global warming and everything else and what happens is communities burned down, and then they never go back and look in the mirror and say, ‘Why did this happen?’ It's from their own policies in many cases.”

On left-wing regulations that exacerbated the Maui fires:

“Damage, and it cost lives. It cost lives in a lot of places, you know. But yes they'll go and they'll sue the electric company to the hilt, but all these policymakers who mandated all of these unobtainable things on the power company and forced them — this wasn't a recommendation. They were forced to spend their money on all this green hocus pocus and instead they didn't have money to take care of the basic problems, like maintaining underbrush or the lines that are sparking on the underbrush. They couldn't do any of that because they had to go to 100 percent renewable, and so you're doing windmills and solar panels, all of which will not get you enough base load capacity to run an actual electric grid or — you know — you're going to go into the hospital if you need a surgery that is only run on wind and solar. 

“Are you going to do it not backed up by natural gas? Not backed up by something real? I'm talking about only that hospital [which] has electric — has only solar and wind. Are you going to go there, when you can go down the street to a hospital that has at least backup generators that are run by some base load capacity, like nuclear [or] like natural gas?”

On a lack of scientific evidence for the Biden Administration’s climate agenda:

“Yeah, it's about time, Larry, that we start following the real science — not the political science — the actual science that talks about whether or not this stuff is working. Go look at the countries by the way, you know, Trump had gotten us out of the Paris Accord, and we reduced carbon emissions during that period because we have innovation. We have the best standards in the world. 

“All these leftist nuts who want to wreck economies, they also love trash in America. They will go find a microphone, they'll fly across to the globe on a private jet to go tell you how bad America is.

“You know, you ask [Special Presidential Envoy for Climate] Kerry, 'How'd you get over there? Was it a private jet? You know, was it your private?’ 

“‘Oh, no, it's not my private jet. It's not my private jet.’ And then you finally — after you ask the question 10 times — he admits it's his wife's private jet. You know, they think that they can trick the American people, and the American people are fed up because it's raising their household electricity costs. It's raising their food costs, and none of it works. Other countries are getting out of this garbage. Not one European country in the mainstream — France, England — name one country that's in the Paris Accord that's in compliance with the Paris Accord. France was found in contempt of the Paris Accord by a judge in Paris.

“They're not following their own law, because it doesn't work. You can't. You wreck economies, you raise prices on everybody — especially low-income people — and you still don't hit your targets because it's not real science.”