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The Republican Recap: Week of September 11, 2023

Here’s a recap of what Republicans achieved on the House Floor this week:

Protecting Americans’ Freedom to Choose Their Own Car ✅

In August of 2022, California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) voted to place restrictions on automakers that would essentially ban the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2035 – restrictions that 17 other states, such as Virginia, are set to adopt, making up 40 percent of the United States’ new car sales.

Once again, American families would bear the brunt of these policies, potentially being forced to spend more money on an expensive electric vehicle and left at the mercy of their states' power grids – some of which, including California's, have already proven to be unreliable. 

It is critical we maintain competition in the automotive markets and ensure families have access to reliable and affordable vehicles by preventing California’s regulations from taking effect and preserving consumer choice.

Rep. John Joyce’s legislation, H.R. 1435, the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act, amends the Clean Air Act and blocks Biden’s EPA from issuing waivers for regulations that ban the sale or use of new motor vehicles with internal combustion engines.

“The last thing my constituents want is another oppressive Biden Administration mandate that puts a radical environmental agenda and far-left special interests above their individual freedoms,” said Rep. John Joyce. “There is nothing more quintessentially American than the freedom of the open road, and I’m grateful to my colleagues for supporting this important legislation protecting the freedom of all Americans to drive the vehicles of their choice.”

What Members Said:

"Without this bill, Mr. Speaker, California and other Democratic states could effectively ban internal combustion engines for all Americans, regardless of where they reside. This is not what the Founders intended when they designed our federalist system,” said Rep. Michael Burgess.
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"We are here today because lawmakers in California want to outright ban the sale of new vehicles with an internal combustion engine. They are fed up with the pace of free market and they want to force their consumers to switch to more expensive electric vehicles. This bill would simply prevent President Biden's EPA from granting California the waiver needed to approve this ban. If the California waiver is approved, over a dozen other states could adopt identical standards to ban the internal combustion engine. But House Republicans believe that Americans should be able to purchase a vehicle that meets their needs," said Rep. Troy Balderson.

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Rep. Young Kim pointed out the hypocrisy of California's radical climate regulations. 

Rep. Chuck Edwards highlighted how H.R. 1435 protects American families from the financial burden that would result from California's ban on gas-powered cars.