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The Leader’s Floor Lookout: Friday, September 29, 2023

Here’s what to watch for on the House Floor today:
Reducing Spending and Enhancing Border Security

Since Biden assumed office, illegal immigrants, including more than 100 individuals on the terror watch list, have been pouring across our southern border while Democrats and the White House do little to curb the crisis caused by their failing policies. Meanwhile, Republicans have remained steadfast in our efforts to secure the border while also working to responsibly fund our government.

The Biden Administration has repeatedly pushed for more government spending to fund woke programs and Democrats' far-Left agenda instead of addressing the problems here at home and fulfilling its most basic duty: keeping Americans safe. 

It's time for Washington to deal with the crises affecting Americans' everyday lives, such as our border security, and House Republicans are fighting to ensure that every dollar appropriated by the government is working for the American people, not against them.

By passing a continuing resolution through the next month, Congress can keep the government open while incorporating border-related reforms to address the crisis at our border and protect American citizens. 

H.R. 5525, the Spending Reduction and Border Security Act, introduced by Rep. Byron Donalds, extends government funding through October 31, 2023, and enhances border security by resuming construction of the border wall, investing in technology at the border, supporting Border Patrol agents, and fixing our broken asylum system. 

House Republicans are taking steps to prevent a government shutdown and make sure vital programs remain funded, while also working to cut government waste and secure our border – will Democrats join us, or will they continue to put their radical agenda before our national security?