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The Republican Recap: Week of October 30, 2023

Here’s a recap of what Republicans achieved on the House Floor this week:

Supporting Our Ally Israel Against Terrorism ✅

As war rages in the Middle East, the United States has a duty to support one of our strongest allies, Israel, in their fight to defend themselves against the barbaric attacks from Hamas and other Iranian-backed terrorist organizations.

The October 7th attacks perpetrated by Hamas and funded by Iran claimed the lives of over 1,400 people, including at least 32 Americans – making it the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Innocent civilians, including women, children, the elderly, Holocaust survivors, and babies, were brutally slaughtered by these terrorists who chant “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” 

We must stand with Israel in their battle against our shared enemies for self-determination, democracy, and freedom. House Republicans passed a bill to ensure Israel has what it needs to defend itself as it fights to eliminate the threat from Hamas.

H.R. 6126, the Israel Supplemental Appropriations Act, introduced by Rep. Kay Granger, provides supplemental appropriations to support missile defense systems like the Iron Dome and additional military equipment for the Israel Defense Forces while also replenishing U.S. weapons stocks and fully offsetting the cost of this assistance.

“Earlier this month, we saw Hamas carry out its evil attack. Now more than ever, we must stand firm with our great ally and do all we can to ensure Israel has what it needs to defend itself,” said Appropriations Chairwoman Kay Granger. “The Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act provides $14.3 billion in emergency funding for much-needed military assistance, which will cover everything requested by the Israelis. It’s a strong bill. I’m proud to see it pass the House this week, and I urge the Senate to take it up without delay.”  

What Members Said:

“I rise today in strong support of H.R. 6126, which provides security assistance to Israel, supports the security of our embassy personnel, enables the evacuation of U.S. citizens, strengthens the ability of our industrial base to respond to this crisis,” said Rep. Ken Calvert. "I stand firmly behind Israel's right to defend itself and destroy Hamas terrorist organization. The world will be a safer place once that organization is eliminated.”

Click here or on the image above to view Rep. Calvert's remarks.

Majority Leader Scalise emphasized that America must send a clear message that we stand with Israel and support its right to defend itself. 

Rep. Julia Letlow highlighted how H.R. 6126 provides Israel with the resources it needs to defend itself in a fiscally responsible manner. 

Keeping Congress Working for the American People ✅

In order to ensure Congress remains open and working for American families, we must responsibly fund the legislative branch. This funding is vital to supporting committees in their vigorous oversight investigations and Member offices in their work for their districts.

Our FY24 Legislative Branch Appropriations Act increases funding for recruiting, training, and retaining sworn Capitol Police officers; provides necessary resources for Members of Congress to effectively serve their constituents; and funds House committees so they can hold the Biden Administration accountable – all while cutting discretionary spending for the House of Representatives by around five percent from the FY23 enacted level.

Additionally, our legislation requires unspent amounts from Members’ Representational Allowances to be used for debt and deficit reduction and saves millions of taxpayer dollars by reorganizing the Chief Administrative Office, including restructuring functions of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. 

H.R. 4364, the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2024, introduced by Rep. Mark Amodei, provides FY2024 appropriations for the legislative branch, including the House of Representatives, to maintain essential oversight responsibilities and faithfully serve the American people in a fiscally responsible manner.

“The Fiscal Year 2024 Legislative Branch Appropriations Act (H.R. 4364) ensures Congress remains open and working for the American people, as well as increases funding to help the Capitol Police recruit, train, and retain officers. In addition, this bill provides the necessary resources for Members to effectively serve their constituents and maintains funding for House Committees to conduct vigorous oversight – which is more important than ever. We have a responsibility to make sure American tax dollars are spent wisely, and I am proud that this bill strikes the delicate balance of supporting essential oversight responsibilities but doing so in a fiscally responsible manner,” said Rep. Mark Amodei. 

What Members Said:

Rep. Josh Brecheen pointed to how H.R. 4364 cuts wasteful spending and eliminates unnecessary woke programs. 

Rep. Daniel Webster underlined how H.R. 4364 requires unspent money from Congressional Office budgets to be used to reduce the debt and deficit. 

Promoting Domestic Energy and Reining in the EPA ✅

The Biden Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to put in place burdensome regulations across industries that kill jobs and hinder American energy security. 

House Republicans’ FY24 Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies bill prioritizes energy production here at home by expanding access to critical minerals and requiring oil and gas lease sales, and claws back Biden EPA regulations that kill jobs and hurt small businesses.

This bill also reduces funding for nearly every account to below FY23 enacted levels and gets rid of funding for Green New Deal initiatives, cutting wasteful spending and making sure American taxpayer dollars are used responsibly. 

H.R. 4821, the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2024, introduced by Rep. Mike Simpson, provides FY24 appropriations for the Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and related agencies that increase access to critical minerals, get rid of burdensome red tape on American oil and gas, prioritize public safety, rein in the EPA and their regulations, and make cuts to stop out-of-control spending.

“I am pleased to see the House pass my Interior and Environment Appropriations bill,” said Rep. Mike Simpson. “As Chairman of this subcommittee, I vowed to create a bill that reduces unnecessary federal spending and prioritizes the critical needs and essential functions within these agencies. This bill does just that by reining in the Environmental Protection Agency, fighting the misguided Obama-era Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, fully funding the Payments in Lieu of Taxes program, and providing additional funding for essential wildfire activities. I thank Chairwoman Granger for her leadership, my colleagues on the Appropriations Committee, and the House for their support. I urge the Senate to take this bill up immediately, and I look forward to these policies getting signed into law.” 

What Members Said:

“It is abundantly clear the Biden administration has an anti-mining, anti-farmer, anti-American worker and anti-energy independence agenda. This bill stops that agenda in his tracks,” said Rep. Pete Stauber. “I am proud that we finally have a common sense funding bill that puts American workers and rural American workers first.”

Click here or on the image above to view Rep. Stauber's remarks.
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart highlighted how H.R. 4821 delivers for the American people while reining in spending.